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The DML Foundation is a 501c3 charity operated by Dennis Michael Lynch and his wife Mary.   The foundation was set up last year and is currently funded by the businesses connected to DML.

DML takes a percentage of sales generated from his businesses and puts it directly into the foundation.  For example, the DML CBD products sold on helped generate over $200,000 for the foundation in 2020.  Ad sales from the DML NEWS APP, membership revenue from, and monies from The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast added for even more money in 2020.

DML is now offering Americans with real hardships from COVID-19 a chance to receive a one-time donation of $1,000 from The DML Foundation.  Starting on January 20, 2021, DML will be giving away $1,000 each week to one person, family or business for as long as he can during the pandemic. Each week the person, family or business selected will be announced on the DML NEWS APP.

Applicants will have to explain the hardship that exists for them by filling out the application below. DML and Mary will review all applications and may opt to contact applicants via phone. If you see a private or blocked number hit your phone it could be them, so please don’t ignore it.

The $1,000 donation program begins on January 20, 2021.   Please download the DML NEWS APP from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to be alerted when DML has announced a recipient.

This is not a raffle or a sweepstakes. This is a donation program associated specifically and only with The DML Foundation, which is a 501c3. There is no purchase necessary to apply for consideration to receive the donation. If you are chosen by The DML Foundation to receive the donation, you will need to show proof of who you are via an official document, i.e. drivers license, passport, etc.

By submitting the application below you agree to the following:
You must be 18 years of age to apply.  Your ID, email, address, and contact information will not be sold to any third party, but The DML Foundation will post the donations it makes publicly. Meaning, your name will be listed on the Charity page found on this website. By submitting your information you are permitting The DML Foundation to contact you via email and or phone, and you agree to DML adding your email to his daily newsletter blast. You can opt out at any time. You also agree that DML and The DML Foundation can also share your story, with or without mentioning you by name, at any time during one of DML’s Facebook LIVE videos or during The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast. By submitting your application below, you fully understand that you are not guaranteed a donation. There will be a lot of people applying. Although we would like to help every person, family and business suffering during the pandemic, we can only donate one check per week in the amount of one thousand US dollars ($1,000.00). The time period for this program, meaning, when it will end, is unspecified at this time. Remember, all recipients will be first announced on the DML NEWS APP via an alert.  You can download the DML NEWS APP free of charge from Google Play for Androids, and Apple App for iPhones and iPads. Without having the DML NEWS APP you risk missing the notification.  If you, as the recipient, do not contact us within 72-hours from the time DML sends the alert to the DML NEWS APP then you fully understand that you have forfeited your donation from The DML Foundation.  The donation will be offered to someone new.


  1. Will we be able to nominate someone we know that needs it or is it only for us? I personally really don’t have problems any more than usual but do know of a couple of people that could use the help.

  2. Dennis and Mary, your generosity brings tears to my eyes. Thank the Lord I do not need it, but I know there are people hurting out there. Never change, God bless you both.

  3. I’m too proud to sign up for your giveaway and need help. Thank you Dennis and Miss Mary. All I have is my pride left. Congratulations to all the individuals that win. God Bless you all.

  4. Thank you DML. I am the chairwoman for the Salvation Army in my city and we help many people and families pay their bills. We also have a food pantry.

  5. Miss Mary and Dennis you are a blessing. What a beautiful thing to do. You are both so amazing. It’s too bad you couldn’t have gotten into Trumps world, I think things would have turned out so much different. God bless you both.

  6. Thank u Dennis for ur generosity and kindness. Many people r hurting. It may b very hard to choose. Thank u to Miss Mary also. U both r angels. 💕

  7. Dennis and Mary, thank you for caring for fellow Americans! Reading this announcement brought tears to my eyes. ❤️

  8. That is a great thing you are doing ! I thank God I was able to work until my kids were grown, I had 3 and ended up adopted sibling group of 5 to keep them from being split up, didn’t raise them on food stamps or welfare. I became disabled due to rare disease and had to quit working few years back, didn’t manage to save much while raising children and disability is disappointing. My vehicle is 21 years old but it runs and it’s paid for, I’m grateful for what little I have as many have much less. Pandemic or not there are good honest people falling on hard times.
    The Pigosis of the world steal and cheat, never grateful and never have enough.
    DML You have heart, I hope you are greatly rewarded for what you are doing as most would never think of anyone else, I hope your kindness reaches those in real need.

  9. What a beautiful thing to do, to stand up to the occasion and truly help people. You and your wife give freely, without reservation, in the purest way. All the selfish self-serving politicians in our government could learn a lot from you both. Your rewards will be given to you one day soon.

    I’d very much like to meet you both one day. I’m also from Connecticut and New York. Now I’m in liberal and Corruptifornia! —Patricia

  10. We had a squatter in our apartment for about 3½weeks while I recovered from surgery with major complications and I hate asking for help, but the clean up… it’s going to cost us and we’re barely surviving as it is… thank you for this opportunity 🙏 💜 ❤ 💕

  11. You and your family are the kindest and generous people to those who are in need. Thank you for all you do. Blessings!

    Dennis, listening to you brings me hope for our beautiful country.

  12. I entered into this for my family
    My son sick and his father thank you for being able to participate at such a difficult time

  13. I pray you pick me I desperately need dental work on my top teeth I haven’t been able to date in 8 years my lab work has high inflammation from infection in my teeth and I’m gonna be dead soon over this .


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