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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is one hour for this day, January 4, 2022.

DML returns to the studio after his two weeks off, and he nails it with a great monologue about what needs to happen in 2022 if conservatives want to win back the government.

DML emphasizes the concept of LESS IS MORE when dealing with liberals this year, and prior to the midterm elections.

It’s a great listen to the program via The DML NEWS APP, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts. Or you can watch the program on, which includes the extended version of the program.

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  1. If America is too survive the onslaught of attacks within and from
    Outside It depends on Americans stopping being the fools they use to destroy This once great nation that our ancestors died to create
    The Pentagons Program is called
    Mass Psychosis Transformation
    This means
    Ask How did they get the entire worlds people to wear a mask at the same time A rag over your face that only hides snot
    Answer FEAR
    Of What ? A lie called a pandemic
    How do we know it is as t a pandemic
    They have to create a new virus to kill and make people sick every 2 weeks.
    All for the purpose of Depopulating the world.
    Gates has been building a Nuclear Reactor in Wyoming with the Japanese
    Ask why. ! If it blows????!?

  2. Lol…I won’t say happy new Year, but I will say I hope the coming year is a blessed one for you, your family, and your businesses. Thank you for this message and for keeping strong and continuing to inspire♥️


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