5 Things to Know About Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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As Robert F. Kennedy Jr. embarks on his campaign trail for the Democratic presidential nomination, he highlights recent national polls that show him gaining momentous support. The conversation has turned to the idea of RFK Jr. becoming a primary challenger to President Biden.

Kennedy cites the latest Fox News and CNN polls that report 16% and 20% support for Kennedy descendant while Biden struggles to hold on to higher percentages.

With RFK Jr.’s popularity growing amongst Democrat voters, and his recent appearance on Twitter Spaces, here are five things to know about him…

1) He is the son of Robert F. Kennedy, a political figure and brother of former President John F. Kennedy. Kennedy Jr. comes from a renowned political family and has been actively involved in political and social issues throughout his career.

2) Kennedy Jr. is an American environmental attorney, activist, and author. He is known for his advocacy work in the field of environmental protection and has been involved in numerous legal battles against polluters and corporations. He has written several books on environmental issues and has received various awards for his environmental activism.

3)  He’s a vocal critic of the vaccine industry, particularly COVID-19. His views on vaccines have drawn significant controversy amongst progressives in his party. As a result of his beliefs, he founded the Children’s Health Defense, a nonprofit organization focused on vaccine safety.

4) When it comes to the official account of his father’s assassination, Kennedy Jr. has expressed skepticism and instead has shown support for alternative theories that suggest a wider conspiracy was involved. Theories and questions surrounding the JFK assassination have persisted for decades.

5) Kennedy Jr. is married to actress Cheryl Hines. They married in August 2014. Hines is known for her roles in television shows like “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and films like “Waitress.”