Dennis Michael Lynch (DML) is an award-winning businessman and acclaimed documentary filmmaker. After witnessing the events of 9/11 firsthand, he entered the news and media industry in 2010 by means of being a top guest for years on the Fox News Channel. His appearances focused mainly on national security and illegal immigration. In 2015, he was the host of the top rated show on NewsmaxTV, called Dennis Michael Lynch Unfiltered. Prior to his media endeavors he was the Founder and CEO of a technology asset recovery company with 250 employees.  In 2000, he won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

DML is married to his high school sweetheart, Mary. They have four children and a dog. Born and raised in New York, DML moved his family to Florida in 2021. He is an avid boater, and enjoys playing golf, but his greatest passion is spending time with his family. He supports various causes through The DML Foundation.  He is also the CEO of DML CBD.

DML leads TeamDML Inc as its Founder and CEO.  He spearheads overall strategy, day-to-day operations, and is the producer and talent of all the films and podcasts on the DML News App.

Denny Daniel Lynch is the oldest son of DML. He studied journalism and writing in college, and he is the author to the recently published children’s novel, The Adventures of Robin and Summer, which can be purchased here.

Denny is the caretaker to a spry King Charles cavalier, Robin (the real life co-star of the book). His interests and hobbies include golf, fishing, boating, and writing in his free time. He’s also an avid fan of Batman films.

Denny operates as an independent contractor primarily to help produce The DML Podcast, and to manage the non-political content that appears on the DML NEWS APP.  He also helps with logistics at DMLcbd.com

Ashley Lynch is the second child and daughter of DML. She studied graphic design in college, and is an award-winning photographer.

Ashley loves to travel, bake, and stay up on the latest health and wellness trends.

As an independent contractor, she helps with most initiatives related to DMLcbd.com, such as managing vendors and customer relations, and updating the website and sales promotions.  She also helps manage the TeamDML memberships.

Ryan Lynch is the third child of DML. He graduated college with a degree in business management.

His interests include stock trading, golf, and cooking; some say Ryan is the American Gordon Ramsay.

As an independent contractor, Ryan provides video editing and publishing services, and works with Denny to help in the production of The DML Podcast. He also helps manage the DML News App accounts on Rumble, Instagram, and Twitter.  For DMLcbd.com, he is involved in logistics and inventory management.

Mary Lynch is the loving wife of DML and the mother to Denny, Ashley, Ryan and Kelly. She met DML in high school and they’ve been together ever since.

She graduated college with honors, and holds a degree in speech pathology.

She helped co-found DML CBD. Mary handles all the back office initiatives for DML CBD and TeamDML. In her free time, she loves her wine nights with DML. A few times each year, she and DML will publish a podcast called The Wine and Talk. But most of the time, she is a busy mother to DML’s youngest child, Kelly, who will be starting college in a few years.

Mark Sutter is a software developer.  He is an independent contractor who freelances for TeamDML. When called upon, he designs and releases necessary updates to the DML News App and all of the associated websites. He has been a valuable member of DML’s team of independent contractors dating back to 2016. Mark’s latest project is to help expand new features for the app. Mark is also a graduate of Iowa State University.

Anneta Griffee is an independent contractor. She leads the team of freelance writers for the DML News App. She has been a contractor with TeamDML dating back to 2014, and has been instrumental in the app’s editorial decisions, as well as leading the app’s election news coverage. She also writes popular exclusive stories for the DML News App on a daily basis.

In addition to her work with TeamDML, she worked as an insurance agent for twelve years and then as a direct sales consultant for twenty years. Currently, Anneta lives in Kansas with her husband Glen, a well-respected farmer in the state.

Laurie McClain is an independent freelance writer. She joined TeamDML as a member in 2018 after hearing DML’s podcast. She then volunteered to help launch DML’s Meet & Greet in 2019. Being impressed with her work ethic, DML asked her to join the team as an independent contractor.

Prior to becoming a freelance writer, she was an analyst in the oil and gas industry. She is married with children, lives in Texas, and has a passion for woodworking and exercise.

Katrina Lusteck is an independent freelance writer. Originally, she was a fan of The DML Walk & Talk on Facebook. She reached out to DML in 2016 via email, praising his work and commentary.  DML shared her emails with Anneta Griffee. Eventually, Anneta convinced her to be a freelance writer for the team.

Katrina, a devout Christian, as teaches literature, veterinary medicine, and social science. She is married with four kids and lives in Arizona.

Amanda Keller
is an independent freelance writer. She graduated with a business degree and worked retail before developing an interest in politics. Amanda was a strong supporter of DML before officially joining the team as a freelance writer in 2018. She is from Upstate New York.