(Commenting on)  ALARMING UPDATE: FBI, CDC shredded for ‘dropping the ball’ on secret Chinese lab found in US



  1. All senior management positions at the CDC need to be immediately fired for their never ending gross mismanagement and blatant partisan corruption.

  2. How can this happen? Oh, I can answer it really easy commute is California …Newsome allowing the communist party into his state. The corruption is deep.

  3. That’s not hard to figure out, Joe Biden paved the way for them and allowed it, I wonder how much money he got out of China this time ?? Did Hunter get another new luxury car ??

  4. Nobody is accountable. This is the government and when there is a single party rule and no morals this is what you get.
    Two tier justice just look back to Hilary to Obama and now Biden administration. NO ACCOUNTABILITY FOR ANY OF THEM.


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