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ALERT: From Sunday, September 12, at 6pmET and ending at September 17, at 6pmET, any order of DML CBD GUMMY CHEWS will be doubled.  Meaning, it is a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE offer.  This offer is ONLY for DML CBD GUMMY CHEWS.  Therefore, if you buy one, you will get two in your box for the price of one.  If you buy a 3-pack, you will get a 6-pack for the price of a 3-pack.  If you buy a 10-pack, you will get a 20-pack for the price of a 10-pack.  In addition to your order, you will receive a 20% OFF coupon to be used for your next purchase.



  1. I would love to buy your product but you use pay pal and in the past I have had problems with them.
    Do you take checks or credit cards another way?

  2. You have a problem with your technology. It doesn’t let me put in a credit card, So I cant order because it boots me out of the system. Every Single Time!!! Get somebody to take a look at your links to purchase, in your click funnels campaign, etc. Because they are not working at the point of purchase.

  3. I want to thank you for being our voice in this horrible world we live in with the Demrats. We need to stand up and start the fighting and get our country back together. I will try these gummies because I can not sleep for sure.

  4. Hello. I’m Tom. I love what you have to say and buy your cbd products. My request is that in your arguments I’ve listened to you use Applebees’s a lot. I work for Applebee’s for many years and have been successful because of it. But in many of your references because the concept is so common I’ve felt negative derogatory elements in your arguments that made me feel slightly inferior. Please try to mix it up a bit and don’t pick on Applebee’s. Thank u sir. Tommy


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