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Give the gift of looking and feeling great again this holiday season with the DML CBD Gift Set. Included is one bottle of DML CBD Face Serum, one bottle of DML CBD Miracle Me Mini Body Oil, and one container of DML CBD Hand & Foot Cream.

Typically, if purchased together, the three amazing products would cost $175 with shipping. But from now until Thanksgiving you can buy them together for only $125. There are only 1,000 gift sets available and it is first come first served. All gift sets ship within 24-hours from when order is placed — making it so your order is shipped before the huge Christmas rush.

Each gift set is packaged in a decorative gift bag, and secured in a holiday bubble pack.   Click here to buy now!


  1. GREAT IDEA! I am doing this very thing with the inventory I have from the past BOGOS! My brother just found out he has cancer, is already in Chemo and Radiation so I’m fixing him up this very package when down in Vero next week! Love all of the DML CBD products! The hand and foot cream was new for me and it is AH-MAZING!!!

  2. I am having a very hard time ordering the present for Christmas every time I put did I want to purchase it it won’t take me there I’m 85 this is very confusing I’ve ordered things before I love the products please help me get this ordered

    • Go to the DML main page and look for the contact email. Get someone to help you find it and write an email to DML. They will write back. They wrote me back but don’t think they will contact you here. Good luck!


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