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book Robin and Summer

If you listen to The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast, then you know that from time to time I mention the books written by my son and me.  We’ve been working on three books for years now, and I must admit that writing a book is much tougher than making a film.  Much tougher!  But thankfully, our first book is complete and will be available next week.

First, unlike a film, a book needs to be perfect.  Every comma, every sentence, and all the continuity has to be perfect. If perfection is missed the book suffers.  Whereas with a film, if my camera focus isn’t 100%, or if the audio is a bit static for two minutes, the film won’t suffer if the story is powerful.  But with a book, one bad page and presto: the other 250 pages are soiled, even if the story is powerful.  To write a book that is 260 pages, like the one we are about to launch next week, is brutally hard and the process is insanely long.

Before telling about our first book, let me announce with certainly that there will be three books launched in the next twelve months. The three books are very interesting in the sense each is so very different.  Going in reverse, the third book will be released just before next Christmas, and it is called Make America Smart Again, Ten Ways to Save a Drowning Nation. It is written by me, edited by my son, and it is a politics-driven book. It is inspired, in part, by a film I started in 2015, but never finished due to various reasons including the Covid lockdowns, called Fighting For America. Overall, the book offers 10 ways for the next president (following Biden) to steer the country back in the right direction.

The second book, which we have yet to name, is also complete but is currently in the first stage of edits.  All editing will be done by February. It is written by both Denny and me, and it will be released before summer 2023. It is based on real events I witnessed or heard about while making all of my immigration films, including the most recent They Come to America 5, which was never finished or released because Amazon shut down the program for independent filmmakers.

The book reveals how vulnerable national security is today, and through captivating storytelling it highlights some of the terrible things that are happening on US soil.  The book is also based on a collection of people I met during the years of making films, including agents in various sectors of government.  All in, what takes place behind the scenes regarding national security is incredibly scary.  Inspired by true stories, and my time making films and appearing on Fox News, you won’t be able to put it down. You’ll be so upset at how our national security is compromised each day.

The first book, which we release next week, is for dog lovers.  It was written by my son, and then edited by me, and it has nothing to do with news or politics, but it relies heavily on the human values I believe in most, which are faith and family.  The book, which is available for pre-order next week, and will be ready to ship in the first week of December, is called The Wild Adventures of Robin and Summer.  Inspired by our two dogs, Robin and Summer, and the death of our last dog, Zoey, all of them King Charles Cavs, the storyline is nothing short of gripping.

Overall, the book is designed to express and emphasize the greatest lessons of life. Faith plays a role in the story, family plays a huge role, and harboring the determination for never giving up is the biggest message of all.

The story is set around the Keller family of four.  There are two twins, a boy and girl, Joey and Annie, who are being sucked into the traps of being young teenagers.  The parents, Fran and Mitch, are struggling to connect with their kids, and as a couple they are having a hard time paying the bills. Even so, the parents make every effort to get life on track, and this includes adopting two puppies for Joey and Annie after the family’s dog, Zoey, suddenly dies without warning.   Although the book is fictional, the story of how Zoey passes is true in the sense it’s how our dog died while our family was on vacation.

In The Wild Adventures of Robin and Summer, everything is going perfect with the new dogs, Summer and Robin, until a simple mistake forces the dogs to be lost in the wilderness.  From there, the book provides two storylines.  The first is the amazing challenge of survival on the part of the dogs.  Each part of the wild adventure will put you on the edge of your seat.

The second story is centered around the much-needed bonding of the Keller family, and how they must overcome the adversity associated with the challenges of finding their beloved dogs before it’s too late.

DML and his son Denny, 2021

We asked TeamDML member — and newly elected school board member in Martin County, Fl — Amy Pritchett to review the book.  Amy is a huge dog lover who volunteers at a local kennel, and she is an avid reader.  We knew she’d give it to us straight when reviewing The Wild Adventures of Robin and Summer.

Amy called me when she was done, she got through all 260 pages in less than 4 hours.  She could not put the book down; she said it was so good that she wanted to read it twice.  In fact, to be totally transparent, she called me in tears because the book stuck so many emotional chords.

The Wild Adventures of Robin and Summer will make you smile, cheer, and rejoice at times.  But it will often make you think about your own life, and how to deal with adversity, especially when there appears to be no hope left. Many of you will cry, and those who do not will have had to put up one hell of a fight, especially if you love dogs.

The Wild Adventures of Robin and Summer will make a great gift for the holidays, be the recipient a teenager, grade schooler, or an adult.  It’s one of those books that appeals to all ages, and if the recipient loves dogs it is an absolute homerun gift.

The book will be available on Amazon, but will also be available on The DML NEWS APP starting next week.  We will be selling it cheaper on the app, and it will come with a 10% coupon for Miracle Me CBD Pet Oil.  I will announce the book’s official release next week, most likely on Wednesday, during The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast.  We will also put out an alert on The DML NEWS APP.  Our first print is for 5,000 books, hardcover, and the first 200 sold via the DML NEWS APP will come signed.  So, do not miss the first printing, do not miss the opportunity to buy it for yourself or as a gift.  Below, is Amy’s review.

“If you love dogs and you want to experience them as human, then this is the book is for you. A sweet story of family love, adventure and page to page excitement, Denny Lynch captures the bond between two pups and their owners in a way that will leave you just wanting more!” – Amy Pritchett.

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