ALERT: Spellbinding new book by DML’s son is now available for pre-order!

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book Robin and Summer

If you listen to The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast, then you’ve already heard about a newly-released book that is already flying off the shelves, and it’s no wonder!

The new book, titled, The Wild Adventures of Robin and Summer, is written by DML’s oldest son, Denny Lynch, and edited by DML. And it will make the perfect Christmas gift for those you love!

This book is a much-needed break from politics. It was written for dog lovers, but weaves the larger issues of faith and family throughout the book. Simply put, it’s a must-read!

The Wild Adventures of Robin and Summer will make you smile, cheer, and rejoice at times.  But it will often make you think about your own life, and how to deal with adversity, especially when there appears to be no hope left. Many of you will cry, and those who do not will have had to put up one hell of a fight, especially if you love dogs.

Inspired by our two dogs, Robin and Summer, and the death of our last dog, Zoey, all of them King Charles Cavs, the storyline is nothing short of gripping,” DML said.

Overall, the book is designed to express and emphasize the greatest lessons of life. Faith plays a role in the story, family plays a huge role, and harboring the determination for never giving up is the biggest message of all.

The Wild Adventures of Robin and Summer will make a great gift for the holidays, be the recipient a teenager, grade schooler, or an adult.  It’s one of those books that appeals to all ages, and if the recipient loves dogs it is an absolute homerun gift.

The book, which is now available for pre-order, and will be ready to ship in the first week of December.  Order now, and get it in time for Christmas!

The book will be available on Amazon, but it is currently available on The DML NEWS APP, and is cheaper through the app than it will be later on Amazon. Also, orders through the DMLNewsApp will come with a 10% coupon for Miracle Me CBD Pet Oil. 

Our first print is for 5,000 books, hardcover, and the first 200 sold via the DML NEWS APP will come signed.  So, do not miss the first printing, do not miss the opportunity to buy it for yourself or as a gift.



“If you love dogs and you want to experience them as human, then this is the book is for you. A sweet story of family love, adventure and page to page excitement, Denny Lynch captures the bond between two pups and their owners in a way that will leave you just wanting more!” – Amy Pritchett, TeamDML member.

DML and his son Denny, 2021


  1. Just what this country needs right now!! I can’t wait to read it!! Congratulations Ryan!! I hope it’s a blockbuster and who knows it may be made into a movie!! 👍👏👏👏

  2. God bless ! Two handsome men too ! I’d love to try to order one of these soon, things have been tight lately and Christmas is coming up. Good luck in this venture ! You are so blessed DML !!

  3. I wonder if Dennis will be offering the book on Kindle. My eyes aren’t so great anymore. If it’s in Kindle I can set it up in a Reader app a listen to the story. This is so exciting to be part of an up-and-coming writer on his first book. 👍🏻😊


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