America The Beautiful Ep. 2

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  1. I follow you you here and believe in so much of what you say and think. Our world is moving so fast that if you blink so much is gone. I want to stop and smell the flowers but at the same time I’m afraid of what is going to happen if I do! My son told me to not watch anything that the news is telling us and believe me I have tried but then how am I suppose to not be afraid of who’s outside my door anymore! I’m in my sixties so my life is coming to an end but the next generation has to some how survive this changing world and I’m afraid for them. Please keep doing what your doing and may GOD bless you and your family for how you think because we need more of it! Thank you for providing this space to leave my thoughts. Beautiful video and words in which we should all live by or have the privilege of having in our lives in this beautiful UNITED STATES OF AMERICA THE HOME OF THE FREE! Thank you from Minnesota

    • Totally agree. Your comment is how I feel too. I’m also very grateful for DML and his love for our country and the people in it. I feel like his reporting is the only place I can count on to read/hear the truth about what is going on in this country.
      This video was heart warming for me.
      Thank you for your comment.

  2. I grew up in a small community, I and my family used to go down to Missouri, at Eminence, we were happy, we floated down the river, visited with people, saw things that we would have never known! Lived together in a small tent, where I woke up soaked by a flashflood one morning and laughed about it! If you are able to see and do the beauty in your life, do it, for when you are old, it is the most important memories you will remember! I am 72 now and I would rather remember those short 10 yrs so long ago!

  3. I’ve been very lucky to have traveled at least 25 states and their national parks, historical landmarks or places to visit away from the commercial America during my married years and I would not trade what I experienced with any trip overseas… I wanted to see the beauty of America and know more about where I live. Did some water rafting, too at level 3.! In fact, I would love to visit the other 25 states.
    I did get to go to western Canada as our tour began in Calgary and ended in Banff. That trip did include going to Montana visiting the Glacier National Park where we actually rode a special vehicle on a glacier. Photo of my son and I standing on a glacier…priceless! Thank you Dennis. Enjoyed this episode once again.

  4. I just got done watching America The Beautiful Ep. 1 and 2. I see the world through new lens and it saddens my heart. When I’m walking I watch people on their phone most of them won’t look up at you and when they do look up they take their eyes off you, that saddens my heart. Today when I went out I would smile and said good morning I was really surprised most of the people did respond back with a smile, but there where a few that looked very confused I could see I broke them out of there concentration and they looked very confused. DML I really enjoyed watching you, your family and the tour guide today! I’m looking forward to seeing the other America Beautiful EP. DML, thank you so much for sharing! I’ve been a member of DML for many years.


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