America The Beautiful Ep.3

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  1. I loved watching this episode of ‘America the Beautiful’ once again…I remember the journey well. I often look through my amazing ‘America the Beautiful’ book once in a while to recap the adventure you so generously shared with us, Team DML. Thank you for filming some of America’s beauty and those heroes that have the will to make good deeds happen.
    More episodes may be seen on the Films Tab on the DML News App.

  2. Another amazing and beautiful episode you provided us viewers! Thank you and GOD BLESS you for doing such an amazing job! Shannon

  3. WOW! What a great episode. How can we donate to the horse farm.? You are correct concerning happy news. We need more good news and maybe it will change our broken country. Thank you Dennis for everything you do.

  4. Dennis you made me cry..To have know them teach them care for them is priceless. The young lady is forever imprinted she has a beautiful future ahead of her as shes a natural with Horses. God Bless Miss Jonna her cause is worth donating to. Beautiful Story Beautiful footage. 👏❤

  5. Dennis you have such a great ability to get to the meat of the situation Thank for your honest insight and for your hard work getting to the facts


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