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Frustrated over how the media is dividing the country with negative stories filled with hate and bias, as a member of the media I felt compelled to do something different.  I wanted to offer my viewers and readers something positive.

My idea was to focus on the positive stories rarely told, and to meet the people and see the places that make America the beautiful country it is.

To accomplish this, I started a new project which I hope will result in an ongoing collection of films and books to be produced by my family and me over the next decade.

I started the project earlier this year when I rented an RV in May.  With very little in terms of plans made, my son and daughter joined me for a 30-day journey that included visiting 10-states and more than 200 people who read my blogs and watch my daily videos on Facebook.

I put together a 27-page picture book that documents some of the experience, and in September my son Dennis will begin editing the film AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL which we will release in 2019.  Hopefully the concept catches steam with viewers and we can continue on with plans to visit the next set of states.

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