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Written by DML
TeamDML is a growing force in US politics.  If you have any doubt, you should read this post and ask yourself how often you’ve seen a group of people become so close and dedicated without having actual face to face interaction on a daily basis.

Quietly, without any media recognition, ad budget, or special interest money infused, we at TeamDML are making a difference and building a solid foundation to shape the political landscape in the years ahead, and we’re doing it without compromising our beliefs or morals.

As a member of the media and an award winning CEO, I know what to avoid when building a dedicated team and solid foundation that can withstand the social media Gods and the restrictions they place on free speech.  Without kissing butt to the wide array of self-absorbed TV personalities and politicians who think they control DC and the media, we are getting our pro-America message out widespread.

Today, TeamDML is approaching 3,000 members and I expect that number to hit 50,000 as the election 2020 grows near.

I know our team is doing well when I receive the sort of text message I did yesterday from Angel Mom Agnes Gibboney from CA.

Agnes lost her son Ron to the evil doings of an illegal alien from Mexico.

The illegal alien shot Ron dead as he delivered food to his children.  Although it took place in 2002, Agnes still feels the pain every day as her son’s killer gets prepared to be released from prison this November.

In Southern California this weekend past, Agnes joined two dozen TeamDML members for a meet & greet celebration.  Her reaction to the warm welcome she received is reflected in the message she sent me.  Here is her text message:

“It was an amazing DML Team Meet and Greet. You sure have an incredible group of people who love and support you. A dedication I haven’t seen before.

I am so honored to be on the Team DML.

When you come to Southern California, I would love to invite you and your crew for lunch or dinner, cooked by me.

Thank you for being there for me at this time of horrible anticipation of the release of Ronald’s murderer. I haven’t felt so much support and strength, like I felt yesterday, it recharged my heart with courage and confidence to keep fighting. 

The flowers were given to me at the picnic, I told the group that if it’s ok, I would take it to Ronald at the cemetery. It was beautiful, our flag, the breeze and peacefulness around. A true blessing.”

Attached with her text was a short video and snap shot photo of her and her daughter.  See them below.

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  1. It was a beautiful day at the M&G and with a special Angel Mom Agnes who joined us we welcomed her with open arms (Lots of hugs), and there wasn’t a dry eye after hearing her story. We love and support you Agnes welcome to our Team.

  2. It was completely our honor for Agnes and her Daughter Stephanie to spend their Saturday with us. They are the sweetest and most loving people. The US is fortunate to have these beautiful people as her Citizens. They are what America is all about.

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