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I am proud to say The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast has turned in some pretty impressive statistics over the past year.  According to Apple Podcast charts, The DML Podcast has been ranked as high as #12 in the New Commentary category, #38 in the News category, and #134 when compared against ALL podcasts throughout all categories (there are over 2,000,000 podcasts).

The numbers are impressive when considering the competition.  For example, Dan Bongino is often ranked in the top 3 within the News Commentary category.  Bongino is a regular daily guest on Fox News, he has his own weekend show on the network, and his podcast plays on Fox Nation. He constantly attends events, and he gets premium placement on Rumble (he is a owner of the company). The free exposure for Dan’s podcast is immeasurable, and the marketing dollars spent to promote Bongino is astronomical.

Glen Beck is another name that often appears in the top 10.  Beck’s company, The Blaze, has been around for more than a decade and has many millions of followers. Beck has poured millions of dollars into promoting The Blaze.  In addition, he is often a guest on Fox News, and his nationally syndicated radio show is heard by millions.  His podcast benefits from all the free exposure, and from big marketing budgets. The same can be said for all the top names and podcasts.  Bill O’Reilly for example, he still benefits from his days on Fox News and a recent tour with President Trump.  He too is often in the top 10.

Another strategy used by the big names is something I refer to as ‘reciprocal interviews.’  For example, Bongino will interview Ben Shapiro and then a week later Shapiro will interview Bongino.  They do this with hopes of exposing each other to new audiences, and it is very effective in growing their numbers.

Unlike the podcast hosts listed above, and others like them, I do not belong to a major network. I do not make appearances on TV or radio, I don’t mingle at cocktail parties or speaking events, I do not participate in reciprocal interviews, I do not put effort into growing my social media accounts, and my ad budget for the podcast is $0.  I do not spend a dollar on traditional marketing.  What I focus on is providing listeners with a program that they will share with friends and family.  Everything I get in terms of new listeners is organic.  And that’s the way I like it.

A few weeks back we ran a poll on The DML News App.  We asked my podcast listeners if they enjoyed my interviews with experts better than the programs when I go solo.  The results were very eye opening.  Over 60% of people enjoy it more when I go solo.  The other 40% like it when I interview experts.  But the comments I received indicated that people like a mix of both.  And everyone said they like it when I am on air with Alec Lace, the founder of First Class Fatherhood.  Alec often fills in for me when I am traveling, and he is the one guest who I invite back on a regular basis.

Over the past few weeks I have dabbled with different podcast styles.  On some days I continue with the one-on-one interviews, and on other days I go solo.  But I have also tried a new style that feels like I am co-hosting the program with Alec, as was the case this Monday past.  Personally, of all three styles, I most enjoy doing the podcasts when Alec and I co-host.

I called Alec today and offered him a 4-month trial.  For the remaining weeks in May, Alec and I will co-host The DML Podcast on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I will go solo on Mondays and Wednesdays, and I will conduct an interview with an expert on Fridays.  Then starting in June and running through the end of August, Alec and I will co-host The DML Podcast three times per week.  Thus, leaving one day for me to go solo, and the other day for me to interview an expert.

If the numbers are good, and if I see us scaling higher in the charts, we will co-host a show under a new name starting in September.  The new show will run every day Monday thru Friday.  I will continue with The DML Podcast but it will be different than it is today.  I will continue to interview an expert once per week, but the interview will run on the weekends.  For play during the weekdays, I will offer a daily monologue lasting ten-minutes per episode.

To recap, starting tomorrow Alec Lace will co-host my program with me twice per week (Tues, Thurs) for the remainder of May.  Come June, we will co-host three times per week, leaving the other two days for me to go solo and to interview one guest.  if all goes to plan, come September, The DML Podcast will reinvent itself and run Monday thru Friday — it will last just ten minutes.  The DML Podcast on weekends will be a one-on-one interview between me and an expert for a full hour.  And the Alec & DML podcast (to be named later) will air Monday thru Friday and will last 45-minutes. I will discuss the arrangement more tomorrow on The DML Podcast.

The exclusive sponsor of the podcast programs will continue to be DML CBD.  And with that said, I would be remiss not to mention we are currently offering a BOGO (Buy one Get one free) for our DML CBD GUMMY CHEWS.  Take advantage by going to

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  1. The 3 different ways of the podcast really sounds good. That will give us listeners the most rounded, reliable truth.

  2. Hope you reconsider having more experts more than once a week. Your podcast for the past 2 years has been so informative because of all the guests who have given invaluable information and resources which mainstream media ignores.

  3. I enjoy you by yourself, enjoy Alec by himself, and enjoy you both together. Guess I could say just love your shows


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