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Dennis Michael Lynch took to his phone this weekend to launch a impromptu podcast.  You can listen for free below.

Topics of discussion in the 23-minute program:
1. Trump calls out Dems for not including GOD in the Pledge during DNC.

2. South Korea COVID cases pop despite the masks, so do they really work?

3. Chicago goes rogue, shows incredible hatred for police.

4. Veronica Baker, the white teen killed by a black man goes ignored by media.

Here is the podcast.  Please listen and share.

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  1. The DNC will use the argument that the original Pledge of Allegiance of 1892 didn’t include “Under God”. It was added by President Eisenhower in 1954 in response to the “Communist Threat ” at that time. Which says alot about the DNC now considering the “Socialist Communist threat” we are under by them today. One might note that the writer of the Pledge of Allegiance Francis Bellamy was considered a Democrat Socialist.


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