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Dennis Michael Lynch’s DML LIVE Podcast on Aug 27 is a powerful listen.

Topics covered:
– RNC night 3, the courage of Madison.
– NBA boycotts its own playoffs
– Hurricane Laura kills 14 year old
– Obama’s call to blacks to stand for values
– And so much more…

Below is the podcast. Be sure to listen and share if you care about America.

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  1. Hope you have a wonderful birthday with your friend and family tomorrow, Dennis. And rest and replenish. You will be missed but you must take care of yourself to clear your mind and refresh your spirit. We NEED you to have clarity and focus upon your return!!
    Love to you and beautiful Ms Mary

  2. Thanks for spelling out the details of news we all deserve DML, truth to weigh with the rhetoric, so we can be intelligent with our expressions of concern to those around us all who don’t take the time to inform themselves properly, even when we try our best to circulate the TRUTH! God’s blessing on you and your family, keep celebrating the moments with those you love! Happy celebrations are still happening in 2020! Grateful! Thanks be to Jesus, there is always hope for a great day, everyday! Aug. 27, 2020 Be safe out there, enjoy your time away from the grind!


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