Best & Worst Tweets: DeSantis’ Presidential Announcement on Twitter

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It’s been nearly 24 hours since Ron DeSantis announced his candidacy for president on Twitter Spaces, which went off with a few hitches. Many commentaries have been spouted since the announcement. Here are some of the best and worst tweets in response…


Elon’s response to Kyle Griffin. Musk quickly put an MSNBC producer in his place when he tried to label the Twitter Spaces event as a failure.


Dr. Jay Bhattacharya calls out Vanity Fair. We know the liberal elite media is biased; it’s just funny when they blatantly show their true colors. Bhattacharya calls out Vanity Fair for the tasteless KKK joke (DeSantis has no association with Duke) and reminds everyone how desperate the mainstream press has become.


Ashley St. Clair points out blatant obviousness. I love irony LOL.


Babylon Bee strikes again. When people resort to Hitler comparisons, you know there’s desperation. But I love a good parody of people’s high strung emotions. Babylon Bee usually hits it on the head.


Keith Olbermann’s lame swipe at Elon. Olbermann is just upset nobody would ever tune in to a Twitter Spaces session if he was hosting or being interviewed. He is the picture definition of irrelevancy.


Nina Turner’s race-baiting rant. In the words of Luke Skywalker, “Every word of what you just said was wrong.”


Brandt Robinson’s weird take on indoctrination. The Florida teacher wants to label DeSantis as an indoctrinator when the LGBTQ community uses June as Pride Month to indoctrinate millions through corporate advertising and product pushing. Get your reality checked.


Victor Shi shills like a liberal. Okay, Victor. One small conga line of Gen Z protestors does not equate to a whole state hating him. But whatever gets you those likes from your (bots) followers I guess…


Leave your comments below on some of the best and worst tweets you saw following the announcement! What did you think of Twitter Spaces being the platform to reveal the launch? Also comment below!



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