(Commenting on)  BIZARRE BUMBLE: Biden jokes about age and confuses Britney Spears for Taylor Swift at turkey pardon



    • joe has already lost ALL of his. At the SFO summit meeting, he couldn’t even figure out where the hell to stand on the world stage.. The gooks weren’t any better scurrying around him. They all appeared to be lost in space (ahhh, the balloon). He has that look on his face with his mouth partially open in bewilderment or a DAH moment. I know that look. My precious Father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, a debilitating illness, and he had that same blank stare with the same partially open mouth. Only he wasn’t a lawmaker on the world stage. He was my precious Father who I loved so much and cared about. He had just turned 80 years old and died 12 days later. I could care less if joe took his last breath in his sleep. He’s is pitiful and stupid.


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