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If you like my LIVE videos on Facebook, and if you are a DML CBD customer, then you want to pay attention to this article.  I want you to come boating with me.

As a boater, I am always battling weather, seas, and boat conditions that can change on a moment’s notice, and this week is no different. I mention this because starting this Thursday, June 16, a fun journey is about to take place and you can join me.  It was supposed to start Monday, and then again tomorrow (Wednesday), but I had to move it to Thursday due to elements mentioned above.

Assuming all goes well, I will be taking my boat from Florida to NY starting Thursday morning.  The journey is amazing, and there is so much to see.  And it can only be seen from a boat.  I want you to be part of it, so I will be hosting daily Facebook LIVES for a group of people I refer to as the 99cent Club.

If you are a member of the 99cent Club on Facebook then you are about to experience the fun starting Thursday and lasting approximately 40 days.  If you are not a member, you can join for 99 cents per month.  It is super easy, super cheap, and it’s exclusively on Facebook.

I call it the 99cent Club, but really it boils down to being a DML subscriber on Facebook.   I will explain more below, but take a look at the screenshot of my Facebook page and where it shows to sign up to be a subscriber. (See blue button at the bottom right.  Look for that button when visiting my page.)

To join, go to and click the blue SUBSCRIBE button.  Facebook will charge you 99 cents.  Once done, you are good to go.

The first 8 days of my journey will be at sea.  I will be shifting back and forth between the Atlantic Ocean and the Inter Coastal Water Way.   We will pass through Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey.  Then we hit NYC and head east to Montauk.  I will be staying at a marina in Montauk for about 25 days.  Then, at the end of July, I will return to Florida on the boat.  You will be with me everyday, be it on land or sea.

Most days we will spend an hour together in the morning while driving the boat.  Then at night, when applicable, I will come on again for a short video.  All of the videos at night are subject to cell service, some of the marinas we use have terrible service.

I expect you’ll see things you’ve never seen before.  I also plan to make you laugh, and you will experience what it’s like to be on the water for so many days.  And when I get to Montauk I will be living on the boat, so that will be a hoot as well.

We have a new sleep product launching on DML CBD this week.  I will introduce it on the first DML BOAT LIVE Thursday morning.  If you are a 99cent Club member, you will get a special deal offering for this new product.  We will have other specials as well during our journey.

You will be notified in various ways each day I go LIVE.  I list them all below:
1. An alert on the DML NEWS APP will state the time when I am going LIVE on Facebook.
2. A tweet will be posted on, and a post will be made on announcing the time I will go LIVE.
3. All 99cent Club members will be alerted by Facebook when I am live (or so I am told).

If you miss the Facebook DML BOAT LIVE, the playback will be available on my Facebook page.  But it will be available to only those who are 99cent Club members.  The Facebook videos will also be posted for TeamDML members on, but the postings will happen days after they appear on Facebook.

Again, we plan to leave on Thursday morning.  You’ll want to sign up for the 99cents Club before then to ensure you miss nothing in real time. Click this link to sign up for the 99cent Club Subscription.  Below are some photos of the boat.





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