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On Friday, the FBI arrested a former U.S. Army Airborne infantryman with ties to a foreign terrorist organization, after he threatened to commit a violent attack and “kidnap or injure” Trump supporters who he said would be holding a protests at the Florida State Capitol on or around Inauguration Day.

A press release posted by the Justice Department said Daniel Alan Baker, 33, of Tallahassee, claimed he was angry over the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, and had issued a call to arms for like-minded individuals to violently confront pro-Trump protestors at the Florida Capitol on Jan. 20. He specifically called for others to join him in encircling any protestors and “trap them inside” the Capitol complex using firearms.

Baker had participated in multiple Black Lives Matter protests over the summer, and calls himself an anarchist, according to details in the criminal complaint from the DOJ. According to the complaint, Baker was homeless for nearly ten years, from 2008 to 2017, and worked as a security guard on occasion.

The Justice Department further reported:

Baker, a former U.S. Army Airborne infrantryman who was kicked out of the service, has a history of expressing his belief in violent tactics. In recent days his social media posts had escalated significantly. He specifically expressed an intent to violently disrupt protests occurring between now and Inauguration Day next Wednesday, January 20, and was actively recruiting others to join him. Baker, who actively participated in multiple protests throughout the United States last summer, has used social media as a way to promote, encourage, and educate his followers on how to incapacitate and debilitate law enforcement officers.

After approximately one year in the Army, Baker received an other-than-honorable discharge in 2007 after he went AWOL before his unit was to deploy to Iraq. In 2017, he joined the People’s Protection Units (YPG), a group fighting in Syria against ISIS and the Turkish government. He claimed on social media that he was a trained sniper for the YPG, and he can be seen in a documentary film fighting ISIS and Turkish militants. YPG is a sub-affiliate of the Kurdistan’s Working Party (PKK), which is designated by the United States government as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.

Baker can be seen in photos and YouTube videos with a variety of firearms, including those with high-capacity magazines. Social media posts also show that he was actively attempting to purchase additional firearms within the last 24-48 hours. A chronological account of Baker’s social media posts, along with additional information about his self-declared attempts to incite violence at past protests, can be found in the affidavit below.

CLICK HERE to read the entire criminal complaint.

Below is an image provided by the Justice Department, of the flyer Baker posted, calling for people to attack the pro-Trump supporters. He wrote, “Armed racists have planted the confederate flag in America’s Capitol as they openly declared that they will continue to wage an ARMED COUP at every American Capitol, including Tallahassee, on Inauguration Day.”

“We need ALL FLORIDA RESIDENTS to RISE UP! Here in Florida we must encircle terrorists who attack the Capitol! Let them take the capitol and fight with cops, SURROUND THEM AND TRAP THEM INSIDE!” Baker wrote.

The FBI is reportedly reviewing Baker’s YouTube channel, where he has posted over 80 videos. A recent video posted to Baker’s YouTube account shows him printing off the flyers calling for people to bring guns to attack the pro-Trump protesters. Below is a clip from that video, posted to Twitter.

Below is a clip from another video he posted to his YouTube account:

Below are highlights of some of Baker’s activities as outlined in the DOJ criminal complaint:

  • On Oct. 8, 2020, the FBI was notified that Baker was threatening violence and using social media to recruit and train people. He made multiple violent threats to those he claims are white supremacists and facists.
  • Baker’s posts on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube have escalated recently, calling for the uprising against pro-Trump protests in Tallahassee.
  • 2006-2007, he was enlisted in the U.S. Army, but was booted out after he went AWOL prior to deploying to Iraq.
  • 2008-2017, Baker was homeless, occasionally working as a security guard.
  • 2017 – He joined the People’s Protection Units (YPG), a terrorist organization in Syria.
  • April 2019 – Baker returned to the United States.
  • 2020 – Baker traveled across the U.S. to participate in Black Lives Matter protests, including Nashville, Tennessee and joining the CHOP/CHAZ movement in Seattle.
  • Baker has used social media to promote, encourage and educate others on how to incapacitate law enforcement while at a protest.
  • June 26, 2020 Baker posted a meme on Facebook and wrote, “I don’t give a shit, I’m an anarchist and I want to watch capitalist society burn.”
  • Oct. 2, 2020 he wrote on Facebook, “This is war. Are you willing to take up arms with us yet? Buy guns and join us this November. We are voting from the rooftops.” The same day he announced he had purchased a gun from a grocery store.
  • Oct. 13, 2020, Baker was featured in an article as being disappointed in the lack of violent opposition, and said, “I told them, if they really wanted a revolution, we needed to get AKs and start making bombs.”
  • Oct. 20, 2020, Baker wrote on social media, “God I hope the right tries a coup Nov 3, cuz I’m so fucking down to slay enemies again.”
  • Nov. 3, 2020 (Election Day), Baker posted, “Prepare for war. Nov. 3.”
  • Baker set up a GoFundMe account saying he want to raise money to pay for EMT training.  In Nov. 2020, he wrote, “I swear on god yall if I can’t raise this money I will start robbing the rich and pedophiles too. This is my last fundraiser before I commit to organized crime.”
  • Dec. 14 – Baker posted, “Hospitalize your local facist,” with the caption, “#stabnazis.”
  • Dec. 23, Baker referred to the COVID-19 stimulus checks, and wrote, “If you give 2000 we will jsut buy MOAR GUNZ.”
  • Dec. 25, He wrote, “If you don’t take up arms against Trump then you are coward.”
  • Jan 8, 2021, after the uprising at the U.S. Capitol in D.C., Baker indicated in a description on a YouTube video that he was being funded by George Soros. He wrote, “I have acquired a sponsor (Soros, you know, the antifa card was finally approved) and I and my donors will be offering cash rewards for information leading to the verified identification of an every individual in this video…. we have decided to handle this ourselves because the dc cops let them in and all cops are infiltrated…. Yall better hope the cops find you before we do cuz I believe in torturing prisoners for information. Yall better turn yourselves in cuz we don’t intend to involve the cops.”
  • Also on Jan. 8, Baker posted another video of the U.S. Capitol riot, and wrote, “I’ve been given access to a large sum of money and I will be offering rewards for any data that can be verified which leads to the identification of any and everyone in these videos.”
  • Jan. 9, he posted a video of the Capitol riot and wrote, “these cops let terrorists into the Capitol building. I will send money to anyone who provides me with verifiable intel that can id these traitors.”
  • On Jan. 12, after returning from a temporary Facebook profile ban, Baker wrote, “Holy fucking shit my ban is over. Yall. So much has happened. Death to amerikka of course, fuck the president, current and elect.”  He added in another post, “Aw, it’s yalls first civil war!”
  • Jan. 12 – He created a Facebook event page titled, “Defend Tallahassee.”
  • Here’s the details he posted on the event page:

  • Jan. 14 – Baker posted on multiple times on social media, including one that said he was looking to buy more firearms.
  • In one post on Jan. 14, he wrote, “Perspective for Floridians, Theres only about 50,000 cops in florida and about 433,000 guns. 5 and half million trump supporters. Only 422 cops in Tallahassee. #wariscoming.”
  • Jan. 14 – Baker then posted the “Call to Arms” flyer, calling for the attack on pro-Trump protesters at an expected event at the Florida State Capitol in Tallahassee on Jan. 20, Biden’s inauguration day.

“This arrest serves as a message to anyone who intends to incite or commit violence in the Northern District of Florida: If you represent a threat to public safety, we will come for you, we will find you, and we will prosecute you,” said Lawrence Keefe, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Florida on Friday. “Daniel Baker’s actions show that he is a dangerous extremist, and the law-abiding public is safer now that he has been arrested. We are, and will remain, on high alert and will take all appropriate actions against credible threats to the people of our District.”

The Tallahassee Democrat reported that Baker is being held in the Federal Detention Center in Tallahassee, and appeared Friday via video before U.S. Magistrate Judge Charles A. Stampelos, sporting a shaved head and wearing an orange jumpsuit. He faces up to five years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine if convicted.

His only statement to the judge: “I’d like to get out of here after Inauguration Day. I would prefer whatever is safest for me.”

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  1. Stupid people can’t see the fact that Antifa and BLM members were there in Trump gear posing as Trump supporters to blame us for the break in

  2. So this man has been explicitly inciting violence on social media since October and no mention of his account being censored or blocked. Did I miss it somewhere?
    The swamp runs deep!

  3. You can bet certain congress members know who planned it. The Dems will pardon unless it’s a Trump supporter.
    Too much happening at once and makes me wonder who or what we are being distracted from, we trusted military and now this comes out.
    We don’t all get to board a jet and hide in safe places when the communists take over. aol is providing distractions, there is more to this than we know. Think of how blind we have been until this moment .. lot of surprises and I fear it’s not even begun yet.

  4. If there was justice in this world,Soros would have died in jail by now.Don’t expect a miracle now with a liberal DOJ.

  5. Clearly, the fake news narrative (cnn, msnbc, cbs, abc, npr, nbc, et al) of the past four years was instrumental in affecting this domestic terrorist’s mindset. I believe that these msm narratives led to the rioting across this country since May 2020, including the rioting at the Capitol on January 6th. The msm attempts to lay the blame on President Trump and his supporters, but that is just deflective narrative, hoping no one calls out the msm for the tremendous amount of rioting extant in the United States. C’mon, man: all you msm: own up and pay up for all the rioting damage – we all know danged good and well these weren’t peaceful protests.

    Were this man’s fb, twitter, snapchat, etc., accounts closed for his genuine terroristic talk? Yet another example of those liberal businesses disallowing public comments that disagree with the msm’s narrative, but allowing genuinely terroristic narratives to continue to perpetuate. This is disgraceful.

  6. That’s more than enough to go after Soros, and confiscate ALL he has and charge him for TREASON !!!!……. GO GET THAT SOB!

  7. Army Veteran? That is an insult to all men and women who proudly served and are currently serving and died for our country! All those posts and no one turned him in as soon as they read them? This young man is clearly in need of mental treatment. He doesn’t even recognize who the real enemy is!

  8. Now it’s time to leave our President Trump alone and stop blaming him for Soros funding violence. These people were dressed in Trump gear to do a of damage. A huge apology is owed to President Trump as he never staged this riot. It come from the opposition. Not Trumps fault or doings at all.

  9. So is his twitter & Facebook been banned like the President of the United States? I deleted the poc twitter so I can’t see it. But my guess would be No. But everyone knows the Trumpers commit violence ( eyeroll) . I’m surprised he was even arrested


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