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Alec Baldwin has turned his cellphone over to New Mexico authorities a month after a search warrant for the device was issued as a part of the investigation into the fatal shooting on the “Rust” movie set, officials said.

The Santa Fe District Attorney’s Office told ABC News Friday it now has the actor’s cellphone.

The article goes on to state the following:

The search warrant for Baldwin’s phone was approved by a Santa Fe County magistrate judge on Dec. 16. Baldwin’s attorney acknowledged receipt of the warrant, and the Santa Fe County District Attorney’s Office was negotiating with Baldwin’s lawyer to retrieve the phone, according to the sheriff’s office.

In addition to text messages on the phone, the warrant says investigators are also seeking to seize photos and videos, emails, internet browser histories, GPS data and more.

Baldwin posted the following five-minute video on his Instagram page last Saturday.  He claimed that any suggestion he is not complying with law enforcement in turning over his phone is a lie.


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  1. He should have been arrested within 3 days of the shooting, period. Any non-celebrity or politician would have been arrested within a day, afterward.

  2. I’m sure the phone is in the exact same condition as when the warrant was issued. No tampering at all! Why hasn’t he been charged for, at the very least, failure to comply?

  3. If angenette is correct that

    Alex VOLUNTARILY turned over his phone, why did it take a month and why did they need a subpoena.
    Sounds like someone isn’t being truthful……
    Did he have to take it to killary first to have it cleaned…..
    My option is he is a lying liberal scum bag POS


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