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Apple Inc. plans to make the social-media app Parler available through its App Store again, the computer and smartphone company said in a letter to lawmakers on Monday.

Apple removed Parler from its app store in January, citing objectionable content. In a letter to Sen. M(ike Lee of Utah and Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado, Apple said Monday that a revised version of the Parler app with improved content moderation would be approved for release to Apple users.

The article goes on to state the following:

The letter from Apple was posted on Twitter by Mr. Buck, and it was confirmed by Mr. Lee’s office. Apple declined to comment.

The decision and letter from Apple came after Sen. Lee and Rep. Buck had fired off a joint letter to the company on March 31, grilling Apple over their decision to boot Parler off their Platform.

In just 3 days, Apple and Google cut off Parler’s primary distribution channel, and Amazon cut off Parler’s access to computing services, leaving the company completely unable to serve its 15 million users. Did they communicate on this decision? @SenMikeLee and I want answers,” Buck had declared, sharing a copy of their letter on Twitter.

The responding letter from Apple on Monday, signed by Timothy Powderly, Apple’s senior director for government affairs for the Americas, stated, “In the period since Apple removed the Parler app from the App Store, Apple’s App Review Team has engaged in substantial conversations with Parler in an effort to bring the Parler app into compliance with the Guidelines and reinstate it in the App Store.”

“As a result of those conversations, Parler has proposed updates to its app and the app’s content moderation practices, and the App Review Team has informed Parler as of April 14, 2021 that its proposed updated app will be approved for reinstatement to the App Store. Apple anticipates that the updated Parler app will become available immediately upon Parler releasing it.”

Powderly defended Apple’s earlier decision to boot Parler from its app store. He wrote, “Apple made an independent decision to remove Parler for non-compliance with the Guidelines, and it did not coordinate or otherwise consult with Google or Amazon with respect to that decision. Apple stands by that decision.”

Now, as soon as Parler submits its new app, Apple will bring them back on board, Powderly confirmed.


Apple Response April 19, 2021 by TechCrunch

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    • They will NOt sensor us ever again! What’s the matter Apple did you lose a bunch of money for doing what you did? Sorry Parlor, can’t come back. If I did they make money and will be snooping on what I will say and me like Facebook and all the others do. Sad but I’m done.

    • John Matze turned on us! He went RINO. Don’t believe a word of the baloney he was saying. The Democratic’s got to him too and he wanted to push to censoring people. They site was put up for conservative being able to say what was on there mines. Whenever the others stood there ground to him next thing that happened…. it was completely shut down! Other words it was the only way that they could control us!

  1. Yea- now that they know Frank has 50 M+ viewers they want to mAke Parker available. Good job Apple: too late. You have already revealed your bias and we are not biting. Go Mike Lindell!!!!

  2. Do we really want to have to bow down & comply with Apple s BIAS judgment on levels of censoring ? May not be a good idea to ever go back to Apple? WHO NEEDS THEM?

  3. Too little too late bye-bye good luck I’m not going back. I will be however signing up with Frank from Mike Lindell where true Freedom of Speech will be allowed

  4. Founder of Parler should sue the ass off Apple and Amazon. Then use the funds to start a new social media company called Screw You Amazon


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