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Many websites — including banking pages, brokerages, and gaming services — have been affected by what looks to be a major internet outage. As website owners and companies that run services that provide the backbone of the web scramble to solve the issue, consumers have been left unable to access services like Ally Bank, Fidelity, Sony’s PlayStation Network, Airbnb, and more. Several airline sites are also having issues: Delta, British Airways, and Southwest’s sites are all having major issues.

At the moment, it’s unclear what’s causing the outage, but Akamai, a content delivery network that hosts much of the internet, has confirmed to The Verge that it’s experiencing an outage and says that a fix is already rolling out. Both the New York Metro Transportation Authority and The Times of India have tweeted that their service outages are due to Akamai. Cloudflare’s CEO has chimed in to say that its service isn’t to blame. We’ve reached out to Oracle as well; its Oracle Cloud has also been mentioned as potentially having an issue.

The article goes on to state the following:

Gaming services have also been hit hard. DownDetector reports a spike of over 40,000 users who are having issues with the PlayStation Network, and the Steam store is also not currently functioning. DownDetector also reports issues with games like Fortnite and Call of Duty. Sony’s PSN status page acknowledged an issue shortly before we published this post: “PlayStation Network services are up and running, but there are external, internet-wide issues that might affect your experience,” the company wrote.

According to the report, there are other essential services that are reported to be down such as banks across multiple state.

CEO Greg Miller tweeted, “uh… this can’t be good, right?”

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen tweeted, “I thought it was just my slow computer, then noticed a couple of sites I couldn’t access. Widespread Internet outages right now.”

Reporter Iyani Lenice tweeted, “MASS OUTAGE: A massive internet outage is affecting some of the biggest companies in the world, including Delta Airlines. The outages started Thursday morning and continue past noon eastern. These are some of the messages you may see when visiting the company websites..”

Reporter Drew Wilder tweeted, “A massive internet outage has knocked several major retail, financial, and travel websites offline. It’s also impacting 911 systems, including Falls Church.”

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  1. No evidence but one has to wonder if this is not a hack of a trial run. Not only the perp would confirm they can do it but also see how it’s fixed and what & how to make their hack less fixable the next time.
    Just saying.

    • I agree and have since it started. I find it odd that this is not an alarming national crisis and should be investigated. But then, who do you trust doing the investigating?

  2. It’s gotta be because of climate change! God knows everything else in this world is! From what I understand Obama sold off the internet to a private company right before he left office. It’s amazing that he and FAUCI were the only 2 individuals who claimed there was going to be a pandemic hitting the next administration! Well I’ll be damned. It happened and just like I said FAUCI is behind this virus somehow. And BFF what do you know. He is now being shown to be a fraud! He is Obama and Biden’s paid little puppet and will say and do whatever they want him too!


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