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The New York Times published an exclusive report Tuesday evening revealing details on what led to former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo’s firing from the network.

The report explains that Cuomo was summoned for a meeting on the evening of Nov. 30 with then-CNN president Jeff Zucker and Zucker’s girlfriend, Allison Gollust, who worked as the network’s chief marketing officer.

They told Cuomo he was being suspended because of unethical interactions with his brother, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, but indicated he might be able to return at some point.

The next day, CNN received a letter from a lawyer representing a woman Cuomo had worked with years earlier at ABC News, saying Cuomo had sexually assaulted her during the time they had worked together.

That letter, from Debra S. Katz, a prominent sexual harassment lawyer, reportedly prompted Zucker to fire Cuomo.

Two months later, Zucker was forced to resign, and on Tuesday, Gollust was also forced out of the network.

“The ties between Mr. Zucker, Ms. Gollust and Mr. Cuomo — as well as Andrew Cuomo, who resigned as governor last August — ran deep,” the New York Times writes.

The report reveals that at one point, in 2012, Gollust went to work for Gov. Cuomo as his communications director, but after Zucker was hired by CNN in January of 2013, Gollust left Cuomo and rejoined Zucker at CNN.

After Cuomo’s “combative-style” program became CNN’s highest-rated show due to his constant attacks on President Donald Trump, the report states that Zucker signed off on a multi-year contract for Cuomo in 2018, giving him over $6 million annually.

Cuomo’s rating continued to soar even after he contracted Covid and broadcast his show from the basement of his 6,000-square-foot home in East Hampton, bringing in his governor brother to join his segments.

After New York Attorney General Letitia James announced her office was investigating sexual harassment allegations against Gov. Cuomo, Zucker banned Chris Cuomo from covering him.

Then, the woman who had worked with Chris Cuomo at ABC News was moved to take action after she heard him comment about the allegations on air during one of his shows, ““I have always cared very deeply about these issues and profoundly so.”

As a result, the woman’s lawyer, Debra Katz, sent the letter.  The New York Times writes about the letter:

It relayed a story that had begun in 2011 when the woman, who was referred to as Jane Doe, was a young temporary ABC employee hoping for a full-time job. One day, after Mr. Cuomo, an anchor, had offered her career advice, he invited her to lunch in his office, according to the letter, interviews with the woman and emails between her and Mr. Cuomo.

When she arrived, there was no food. Instead, Mr. Cuomo badgered her for sex, and after she declined, he assaulted her, she said. She ran out of the room.

The New York Times said they interviewed five friends and former colleagues of the woman who all said Chris Cuomo had made unwelcome sexual requests.

CLICK HERE to read the entire bombshell report.

New York Times investigative reporter Jodi Kantor shared the following details in a series of Twitter posts Tuesday evening:

NEW: How a secret two-part allegation against Chris Cuomo helped upend CNN.

Late last year, after he was suspended, CNN got a lawyer’s letter on behalf of a Jane Doe, accusing Cuomo of assaulting her years earlier– and then using his position at CNN to discourage her from coming forward.

At the time of the alleged assault, she had been a young temp at ABC, seeking a real job. She says the anchor offered her career advice and invited her to lunch in his office. But there was no lunch, she said.

Years later, in the heat of #Metoo, with other anchors losing their jobs, he reached out to her again to say he wanted to do a CNN segment on the company where she worked in PR. The flattering segment aired.

She said nothing publicly. But about a year ago, Cuomo said something on CNN that she listened to in disbelief.

As the investigation into Gov. Cuomo was announced, his brother told CNN viewers, “I have always cared very deeply about these issues and profoundly so.” She was in disbelief– and haunted by how similar her story was to the allegations about the governor.

Which is a key point: it’s now clear that both Cuomo brothers, governor and anchor, face sexual misconduct violations from women who were far more junior in the workplace.

Chris Cuomo denied this allegation through his rep (but would not elaborate on the denial… is he saying that none of this happened? That it was consensual?) He also points out that CNN did not investigate before firing him.

Our story lays out the evidence for this claim, including messages between Cuomo and the woman, including from before the CNN segment, and friends and colleagues who say she told them parts (not all) of the story.

Debra Katz, her lawyer, she never wanted to come forward publicly, doesn’t want to become “a pawn in an internecine war” and won’t be saying anything further. She “deserves and requests privacy,” Katz said.

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  1. I’m in no way going to bat for either of these fools but it sure seems like someone’s got it in for the Cuomo brothers. And I find it odd that these allegations were never proven or disproven. Especially with ex-governor Cuomo, he was forced to resign over these sexual harassment accusations and then it was thrown out of court. So he had no reason to resign but I’ll bet ya that’s gonna be held against him. I would think he is really entitled to his old job. Not that he was good but I’d choose him over that skeletal wicked witch we have now. Anyway not refusing to step down would’ve been a better.decision.for him. They would’ve tried to fire him or something and then he could sue for his job back. But they can play on the fact that he voluntarily resigned therefore he’s screwed. I don’t know, somethings up here. And then the same sort of charges against Fredo and that turns up empty, too. I may not care for Cuomo, but of they are him dirty that’s wrong. They could’ve used the “alledged” nursing home murders against him but the couldn’t because that would open Pandora’s Box and we can’t have that. It just reeks of democrat dirty pool. It’s always so obviously not even planned out well and is so stupid! No effort put into the lie at all. They’ve run out of clever bullshit stories. Ah, whatever. I was just sayin’.

    • Andrew Cuomo murdered hundreds of nursing home residents due to covid. He does not deserve his job back. He should be in prison for what he did and the families should be suing him.

  2. I’m not buying it. None of this adds up. They are leaving out some big shit. One day we’re going to find our what really happened.


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