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The Mall of America will be closed for the rest of the day after gunshots sent shoppers running in terror on Thursday afternoon in an “isolated incident,” police said.

Bloomington police are working to lift the lockdown that went into place after the mall reported an “active isolate incident” inside one of its stores.

The article goes on to state the following:

The suspect fled the mall on foot and has not been identified by police. No victims have been located, according to Bloomington police.

Reporter Andy Paras shared the following videos, including commentary:

Chaos and confusion at @mallofamerica. Making people go outside. Cops with rifles taking position. Mall PA system telling people to take shelter. Meanwhile several people are walking in unaware of what’s happening.

I was just asked politely to leave by one of these officers. People are still walking in. Just saw a family wheel a woman in on a wheelchair like nothing happening.

PA system still telling people to see shelter … people still walking in with no one stopping them.

Officer just came to the parking garage entrance and told everyone mall is closed. Woman: “They’re on lockdown but nothing’s locked.”

For the record I was in the main atrium on first floor when I saw a couple panicky people run toward the exit, saw police officers run toward the amusement park and then saw a thousand people run toward me to exit. I did not hear gunshots.

More videos have been shared on Twitter of the chaos that erupted after the shooting.

Mall of America announced on Twitter, “Mall of America is currently under lockdown. There is a confirmed isolated incident in a tenant space. Please remain in the closest secure location until the lockdown has been lifted. Please stay tuned for additional updates.”

An update at 5:15 pm CT reads, “Mall of America remains under lockdown following a confirmed isolated incident. For all guests, please stay in the closest secure area until the lockdown is lifted.”

The Bloomington Police announced on Twitter, “We are currently working an active incident inside Mall of America on the northwest side. Numerous officers are on scene. We will update when we have more information.”

“We have secured the scene at the Mall of America and can confirm that shots were fired. This is an isolated incident. The suspect fled the MOA on foot and officers are in the process of interviewing witnesses. At this time we have not located a victim,” the police department added later.

Some Twitter users posted photos of themselves hiding in the mall:

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  1. Am I the only one who loves reading the same thing fifteen times in the same story?
    The constant repetition is not necessary. Just once is quite sufficient. Thanks 🙏

  2. I still think this was probably a gang initiation. The press coverage is the proof of his actions. When will we learn to put coverage on an unknown are of the paper? Every time we give wide press coverage we are giving credit where it is not due.

  3. 13% strikes again.No concern for innocent bystanders.Lawless culture should go back to Africa where they fit in.POS continent that has never contributed anything to civilization.Sub Saharan Africa that is

  4. Don’t go there myself for this reason and also Mpls has defunded their police-crime there runs rampant!!!
    Again, a DFL run city and they are allowing it to be destroyed!!!


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