BREAKING: Chilling 4-word note sent with suspicious powder to DA Bragg’s office

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Emergency personnel have responded after a package with suspicious white powder was delivered to the mail room for the New York City building housing the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, according to police.

A law enforcement source confirmed there was a note saying “Alvin – I’ll kill you” in the envelope. District Attorney Alvin Bragg is currently weighing whether to proceed with an indictment against former President Donald Trump for alleged hush money payments made to porn star Stormy Daniels in 2016.

The envelope delivered by the U.S. Postal Service Friday has been “deemed non-hazardous” at the scene, the mail room to the DA’s office, officials told Fox News.

Police first responded to the scene around noon, when the envelope was found.

So far, no evacuations were ordered from the building, the report states.

NBC News quoted the threatening note to Bragg as reading, “ALVIN: I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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  1. I’ll bet you he sent it to himself for Pete’s sake, he knows he’s in a bind because nobody wants to do this he hasn’t got a leg to stand on and everybody knows it. They are, as usual, trying to make it look like Trump supporter sent it.

    • I was gonna text this but I saw everyone else’s comment so I won’t. Just saying he was backed in a corner so now he thinks he won’t look bad for backing down. He still looks bad !!!

  2. They couldn’t even get the note right . It said 4 words supposedly. Alvin I’ll kill you NOT Alvin I’m going to. And before anyone reports me to the fbi. I am quoting from the article. not threatening.

    • Dear MTMOMMA, u don’t have to worry about anybody reporting u to the FBI.

      You can rest assured they’re monitoring your comments themselves. If u don’t believe it, Google Edward Snowden

  3. Another BULL SHIT DID THE FAT FUC SEND IT TO HIM SELF or ANOTHER of the same black brother fucs send it to him May be His PAL SOROS SEND IT TO HIM pathetic blacks they’ cannot live with victimization of them selves AND STEALING

  4. I call bs on this one. This was orchestrated by someone or group. The second I saw the headlines my gut told me this immediately.

  5. Seems everyone is thinking the same thing—myself included. He sent it to himself or paid someone else to send it. He knows he’s screwed! Was it the same guys that Jussie Smollet paid?

  6. He was losing & being made a fool of with his false accusations, & weak, lying witnesses. Even his own people & party were saying, don’t do this!
    I totally believe this was a ditch effort, by him, to bring more attention to himself, & try to prove yet another lie, accusing Trump supporters or people, to be responsible for “the frightening threat” – And yes, where was Jussie⁉️

    • Yes everyone does. What a looser There’s no professionalism anymore. No accountability. Just people who are acting out because they do not love America.

  7. I would say this is a “plant” for him to bow out of his stupid fiasco and save face by blaming a “maga” person. It smells of the left and their kind of MO all over it. Sorry, not buying it. They know they had nothing and created their own bomb and trying to get out of their embarrassing situation. This was staged like everything they do to get attention. Sick of the left!

  8. What a freaking joke ! Another j6 scheme done by their own to try and start their bullshit ! Your not fooling anyone you dirt balls …… what a clown show this country has become!

  9. Definitely from the Socialist Democratic playbook, they actually think Americans are stupid! Another SMOLLETT moment!!

  10. Poor Bragg…NO doubt a democrat clone sent that note…this stinks of Biden democrat involvement. Anything and everything they can do. The democrats are the true evil. If you’re a dem then you are the enemy of our country!!!

  11. I call bullshit , it’s probably possible set up propaganda to look like Trump supporters, part of the lefts war against Trump . Hey you leftists socialist communist establishment rat 🐀 bastards. Trump 2024 .


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