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Saule Omarova, President Joe Biden’s pick for comptroller of the currency, has withdrawn herself from consideration.

Omarova faced broad opposition from the banking industry and Republicans, as well as skepticism from centrist Democrats, because of her controversial academic writings and proposals, including her advocacy for the end of banking “as we know it.”

The article goes on to state the following:

The Cornell Law professor told Biden in a Tuesday letter that her nomination was “no longer tenable.” Omarova’s allies on Capitol Hill had accused her opponents of redbaiting, as she was born in the Soviet Union and attended Moscow State University.

Omarova’s letter to the White House withdrawing her nomination reads, “It was a great honor and a true privilege to be nominated by President Biden to lead the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency overseeing the U.S. national banking system.”

Omarova faced tough scrutiny during her confirmation hearings as lawmakers grilled her for once claiming that “we want” oil and gas companies to go bankrupt in order to fight climate change.

Republicans strongly criticized her policy positions, academic writings and questioned her thesis from college.

“I don’t mean any disrespect, I don’t know whether to call you professor or comrade,” said GOP Sen. John Kennedy told Omarova during a brutal round of questioning.

Sen. Kennedy commented on Omarova’s withdrawal on Twitter and wrote, “Saule Omarova is a radical who shares her Marxist views freely and in writing. She wants big-government bureaucrats to dictate the terms of America’s economy.”

“Putting her in charge of America’s banks would have been disastrous for American workers and families,” Kennedy added.

Sen. Mike Lee also celebrated the withdrawal, tweeting, “Saule Omarova was a radical nominee who should have never been selected.”

“Her desire to ‘end banking as we know it’ would have been disastrous for Utah and the nation,” Lee continued. “The American people can rest easier knowing she will never impose her dangerous agenda on our economy.”

WATCH more intense clips from Omarova’s confirmation hearing:


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  1. Today this is a win for America.
    Thank You to all the Senators who worked hard to stop this nomination. We the People appreciate all the hard work you have done to stop this nominee. Keep fighting for America and the people.

  2. I don’t even find it hard to believe obiden would pick a communist to be the top banking regulator. Just take a look at all the Marxist he has oppointed already

  3. However corrupt, senile and stupid Joe is, he did not select a born and raised communist for that post. Someone who is running things behind the scenes swung for the fences to get communism into our federal government, unhidden and unashamed. Did not work, thankfully.

  4. Boy, did we dodge a bullet, God saved America.
    Bet commie Warren put the Puppet up to that, we have a bunch of idiots running this country, we need to stop them any time they attempt to put these Communists in positions of power.


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