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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Friday that all school districts across the state have been authorized to reopen for the fall semester, including New York City, with individual schools awaiting approval from the health department on their plans to keep children and staff safe.

“You look at our infection rate, we probably are in the best situation in the country right now,” Cuomo told reporters on a conference call. “If anybody can open schools, we can open schools. And that’s true for every region in the state period.”

Here is the official tweet:

DML: Smartest decision he’s made in his life.  But it still doesn’t make up for the million mistakes.

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  1. He is a pompous arrogant ass!-The only reason he is stating he wants schools open is so HE can say that he didn’t stand in the way of parents getting back to work- and he is by the way a murderer! To i wanna say close to 6,000 NY senior citizens- NO ONE ELSE! JUST HIM— you can bet your bippy HIS MOTHER/ FATHER weren’t in those nursing homes that he FORCED to take in elderly covid patients—- The ship Hope, Javitte Center – both virtually EMPTY sent by Trump— CUOMO is truly a pompous arrogant MURDERER!


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