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California Gov. Gavin Newsom tested positive for COVID-19 on Saturday, a day after a high-profile meeting with the visiting prime minister of New Zealand.

Newsom has mild symptoms and will remain in isolation at least through Thursday and until he tests negative, his office said in a statement. The Democratic governor plans to work remotely during that time.

The article goes on to state the following:

His office said Newsom, 54, will begin a five-day regimen of the Paxlovid antiviral.

Newsom posted a statement on Twitter Saturday evening, announcing, “This AM, I tested positive for COVID-19 and am currently experiencing mild symptoms. Grateful to be vaccinated & for treatments like Paxlovid. I’m following health guidelines and will be isolating while I work remotely. Wishing everyone a safe & healthy Memorial Day weekend.”

Twitter user Carol Manley pointed out one bit of information, tweeting, “@GavinNewsom You just got your 2nd booster 10 days ago. Looks like it’s working great 😂.”

Sure enough, a video was posted on social media by the governor’s office on May 18, as he received a booster vaccine.

Outback host Clay Travis tweeted, “Despite four covid shots in the last year, California governor Gavin Newsom has tested positive for covid. I just wish he would take the virus more seriously.”

Republican congressional candidate Errol Webber of California quipped, “Make sure you remind everyone how grateful you are for the vaccine that didn’t prevent you from getting the virus you were vaccinated against.”

One Twitter user responded, “Many of us have trouble getting paxlovid despite being high risk and older . Yet you get it with no trouble even though you are under 65 and have zero health conditions that put you at risk for bad outcomes.”

“I am not vaxxed and had no Paxlovid. I, too, had mild symptoms. Stop the theater,” another wrote.

“Un-masked and un-boosted and I’ve never gotten it. WTF am I doing wrong? 😡,” another person tweeted.

Several Twitter users are mocking Newsom for having just received a booster shot only 10 days ago.

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  1. Give him 5 days of remdesivir like hospitals were forced to give it to the peasants. Then within a week or so your kidneys start shutting down.

  2. Did they go to his favorite restaurant,can’t recall the name,bc I could never afford to go there anyway,for $200.00 a plate just for lunch?

  3. Does anyone else notice the discrepancies in the pictures of him getting the shot? The doctor has on a sweater in one picture and a white shirt in the next. Check out the backgrounds, too! I have, for years, wondered if these politicians are actually getting the correct shot. These look like they are staged photo ops!!!!

    • I thought the same thing . I really dont believe they got the jab or boosters . They know they are poison. I had covid mild symtoms and no medication to help just like a sinus infection for a few days.

  4. So this douche has had 18 booster shots, has tested positive before, and now tests positive again after yet another booster and needs an antiviral for mild symptoms!! What an ad for Phizer… your chemical cocktails DO NOT work!!!!

  5. Must be his turn to announce he has Covid so he can say “I only have mild symptoms because I got jabbed and boosted”. 😂

  6. Vaxed and Boosted = COVID 🤦‍♀️ Why would anyone place a experimental drug therapy in their body? Imbeciles! Anyone ever hear of natural immunity.

  7. Another Democrat that’s been detained and questioned. That’s what contracting covid is all about. It’s code.

  8. Sure do!!
    I wonder how much Chinese paid him to do this commercial for their jabs and new medicine. Up to no good for sure.

  9. Maybe the booster will clear up his herpes because it sure isn’t working for Covid…. Dude is a hemorrhoid POS and always has been👉🖕That 🐓🍭


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