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Two people have been shot when a gunman opened fire along a busy dining street in Washington DC before speeding off.

Police on Thursday night said they were searching for a man in a lime green or yellow hoodie who fled the scene in a black Honda Civic.

The article goes on to state the following:

Shots were heard on 14th Street near the Mexicue restaurant.

The report states that one man was shot in the chest and another in the arm, but both were conscious and breathing.

The vehicle reportedly sped away after the shooter opened fire on the crowd.

CNN reporter Jim Acosta shared the following video and tweeted, “Just hear what sounded like gun shots on 14th street in NW DC. People fleeing the popular Le Diplomate restaurant which seemed a few blocks away.”

The D.C. Police Department announced, “Shooting at the intersection of 14th / Riggs Street, NW. Lookout is for a B/M male wearing a lime green/yellow hooded sweater fleeing in a older black Honda Civic with DC Tags last seen eastbound towards S Street, NW.”

“This is the scene at 14th and Riggs. Appears to be somebody being treated by first responders,” Acosta said.

One man who witnessed the shooting described the incident, saying he saw a black four-door sedan pull up.  He saw a window roll down, and saw a gun barrel. He said the shooter opened fire on a group of kids.  Watch:

WUSA9 reporter Tom Dempsey shared a video of an interview with another witness, who noted the rising crime and said, “We need to take action on this.”

“What kind of action do you think?” the reporter asked.

“I think there needs to be more police,” the man said.

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  1. Shooting at the wrong people. Welcome to Sloppy Joe’s America you morons!!! Looked like liberals running for their lives.

  2. Isn’t this the “Defund the Police” territory? Why did they call the cops? Shouldn’t they have called a social worker to work through this awful tragedy?

  3. A black male???? Committing crime in DC? I’m perplexed by this.

    Aren’t these the people that claim we don’t need laws or prisons???? Their race is disproportionately incarcerated from crimes???? Hmmmmm.

  4. People on Twitter are yelling gun control. I say we need gang control. These shootings are not ordinary law abiding citizens, they are gang bangers.

  5. I live three hours from DC in lower part of Va. Use to go there many timeS a year to see the memorials and museums. Have wanted to go to the zoo for yesrs. Now there is no way I’ll ever go there again and neither will my friends or family. It’s just too scary.

  6. Funny how CNN was there when it happened. The first video shows camera person going closer to shooting instead of leaving like other people were. Was this a set up or faked scene? Wasnt it just 1-2 days ago that Biden said they need more gun control?


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