BREAKING: DOJ asks Pence to sit for questioning in Jan 6 probe

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Former Vice President Mike Pence has been contacted by the Justice Department, which is seeking to question Pence in connection with DOJ’s ongoing probe into former President Donald Trump, the Jan. 6 riot and the efforts by Trump and his allies to overturn the 2020 election, sources familiar with the matter confirm to ABC News.

The former vice president is said to be considering the request, per sources.

The Department of Justice declined to comment when contacted by ABC News. A spokesperson for Pence did not respond to a request for comment.

Writer Gerry Perlman tweeted Wednesday, “NY Times is reporting that the DOJ is seeking testimony from Mike Pence in relation to January 6th. Donald Trump is obviously the target; you don’t seeking testimony from the former VP of the US just to use it to indict some low level January 6th thugs. Second, the highest ranking witnesses tend to be interviewed last, suggesting the DOJ’s 1/6 criminal case against Trump is nearly complete.”

Palmer Report tweeted, “DOJ seeking Mike Pence testimony in its 1/6 criminal probe, per NYT. Tells us three things: 1) Trump is obviously the target 2) Top witnesses are interviewed last, suggesting DOJ’s 1/6 case against Trump is nearly complete 3) Special Counsel Jack Smith not holding back at all.”

Former U.S. attorney for former President Obama, Joyce Alene tweeted Wednesday, “A simple example is illustrative. Imagine you’re an FBI agent investigating an attempted bank robbery. You learn that before the attempt, one of the key conspirators tried to enlist a friend to help with the scheme. The friend turned him down.”

“You’d want to talk to the friend. His testimony is essential. He has evidence about the would-be bank robber’s intent & motive. That evidence could be the linchpin in your efforts to charge people who came perilously close to pulling off a dangerous robbery. Of course, it’s even more important when the crime is an attempt to interfere with the peaceful transition of power in our country. That’s just common sense. So it’s essential for DOJ to get Pence’s testimony, which he declined to give Congress.”

During a recent interview, Pence told ABC’s David Muir that he was asked by many to call off the certification of the 2020 election.

Pence commented during the interview, “I mean, the president’s words were reckless. It was clear he decided to be part of the problem.”

World News Tonight tweeted at the time, “EXCLUSIVE: ‘The president’s words were reckless,’ Mike Pence tells @DavidMuir of Trump’s words on Jan. 6, saying they ‘endangered me and my family and everyone at the Capitol building.'”

“EXCLUSIVE: @DavidMuir asks Mike Pence about calls the former VP made to the Pentagon, Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Justice Department and Capitol Police on Jan. 6: ‘Why wasn’t the president making these calls?’ Pence: “That’d be a good question for him.'”

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  1. They know Pence has turned on Trump and is running in 2024, and they are going to try another scam to get Trump, these crooked SOBs!

  2. Mike Pence should understand that many people know Presidents are not God. There’s not been one in the W.H. yet that can cast the first stone. If Mike Pence allows this to transpire, he “Will Not” get my vote if he runs. Many feel the same way. This is Witch Hunt 2.0 & they stop at Nothing. Sickening


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