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A federal judge on Tuesday questioned a House committee’s pursuit of former President Trump’s tax returns.

During a hearing in a long-running lawsuit from the House Ways and Means Committee, U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden appeared concerned about the prospect of allowing the panel to obtain Trump’s personal records.

The article goes on to state the following:

During one exchange, he questioned the Biden administration’s Justice Department lawyer over the agency’s reversal in the case.

The Hill quotes McFadden as arguing, “If Congress changes hands in a couple years here and a Republican chairman of the Ways and Means Committee asks for Hunter Biden’s tax returns, are we just going to say, ‘Oh, sure. You know, we’ve got to defer to Congress. They’ve said they’re interested in legislating on presidential families, therefore we’ve got to turn them over’? Is that going to be the administration’s position?”

McFadden also pointed to comments by the committee’s chairman, Rep. Richard Neal (D-Mass.), and other Democrats who have been pushing to get their hands on Trump’s tax returns, and suggested “there’s something else going on” other than a valid purpose.

Judge Trevor Neil McFadden, 43, was appointed by President Donald Trump and assumed office on Oct. 31, 2017.

However, Reuters reporter Jan Wolfe shared the following feedback on Judge McFadden’s remarks:

Trump tax returns update: Judge Trevor McFadden said today that within 2-3 weeks he’ll issue a written opinion relating to whether the House Ways and Means Committee can get Trump’s tax returns from the IRS. This 2019 lawsuit has moved slowly but is now picking up steam. (1/4)

This is the case where DOJ switched positions. Under Trump, DOJ backed Trump’s argument that his tax returns should remain private. In July, DOJ reversed and said the House’s request for the tax returns was legitimate. (2/4)

This is the case where DOJ switched positions. Under Trump, DOJ backed Trump’s argument that his tax returns should remain private. In July, DOJ reversed and said the House’s request for the tax returns was legitimate. (2/4)

You’ll recall SCOTUS allowed the Manhattan DA to get Trump’s tax returns. I’m talking about a different case where the House Ways and Means Committee is requesting Trump tax returns directly from the IRS pursuant to a statute that it says allows it to do that. (4/4)

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  1. The only reason they want Trump’s tax return is to find or make up something to smear him and try to keep him from running in 2024. Bunch of corrupt, crooked, evil politicians.

    • Exactly right. We want all federal and state politicians tax records published and fully free on line. That only seems fair and balanced approach.

  2. I say we start with every single politician that is been in office for over 10 years if they have more than a million dollars in cash and assets then they need to stop being paid they will work for us on a voluntary basis or get the hell out

  3. You know if the Democrats put half the effort that they have put into trying to smear Trump and do their work that they do work for the American people we would be better off they keep wasting money on trying to get Trump just so he can’t run anymore because they know once he’s in they lose their money bag all those special interest groups will go away and they won’t get their kick back

  4. If the committee wants to protest the write-offs his accountants take on Trumps businesses, then change the amount of, or stop the write-offs all together. But becarefull what you wish for, bc you will no longer be able to use them either and you can also be audited by your peers.

  5. We demand every polititions tax returns! Especially Pooplosi! Insider trading scum! They all do it! Time for mandatory tax returns to hold any office! Mandatory before even allowed to run for any position!


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