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Former Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum was indicted on charges including conspiracy and 19 counts of wire fraud, the Department of Justice announced Wednesday.

Gillum, who was once mayor of Tallahassee, is accused of acting in concert with associate Sharon Janet Lettman-Hicks to solicit funds using false representations and promises.

The article goes on to state the following:

“The Indictment further alleges the defendants used third parties to divert a portion of those funds to a company owned by Lettman-Hicks, who then fraudulently provided the funds, disguised as payroll payments, to Gillum for his personal use,” a Justice Department press release said.

Gillum said in a statement, “Every campaign I’ve run has been done with integrity. Make no mistake that this case is not legal, it is political. Throughout my career, I have always stood up for the people of Florida and have spoken truth to power. There’s been a target on my back ever since I was the mayor of Tallahassee. They found nothing then, and I have full confidence that my legal team will prove my innocence now.”

Democratic lawyer Marc Elias and attorney David Oscar Markus, who are representing Gillum, said in a statement, “The government got it wrong today. The evidence in this case is clear and will show that Mr. Gillum is innocent of all charges. We look forward to putting this case to rest and giving Andrew and his family peace of mind once and for all.”

Reporter Philip Lewis tweeted Wednesday, “Federal grand jury returns a 21-count indictment against Andrew Gillum for Conspiracy, Wire Fraud, And Making False Statements.”

U.S. Attorney NDFL tweeted, “Former Tallahassee Mayor And Gubernatorial Candidate And Associate Charged With Conspiracy, Wire Fraud, And Making False Statements.”

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  1. Yeah well you reap what you sew. There was nothing on President Trump and still nothing, but they will try to find something and even make stuff up. So Guillum you will just have to suck it up just like Trump had to to prove he was innocent. IF you are innocent the law will prove it.

  2. Have you ever looked at the crowds with someone running in a Democratic race. These are miserable people. They don’t smile, and they look like they hate life. They want everyone else to be miserable too.

  3. Gillum went for the trifecta- drugs, adulterous gay sex and fraud. Wow! We really need better candidates/ leaders.


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