(Commenting on)  BREAKING: Former first lady and advocate for mental health dies at 96



  1. Rest in Peace Mrs. Carter. Condolences to the family and friends left behind. Mr. Carter was the first president I voted for until my eyes were opened to the Democratic Party when he ran against Regan. I know young & dumb lol. I didn’t vote after George W Bush until 2020. But I loved hearing Former President Carter speak. I could work my butt off listening to him. One of the ladies I worked for said it sounded like he had a mouth full of walnuts to her lol

  2. RIP, Flotus Carter. You definitely had a good long life. Your hubby would not let you be left alone. I feel he will follow you soon. Your family just wasn’t an attractive first family to me. But I know you did great work after your husbands presidency. Thank you!!

  3. May Mrs. Carter rest in peace. Thank you for your commitment to helping people. You and the love of your life for 77 years, former President Carter have done tremendous work with Habitat for Humanity, an organization which I admire and support along with your work for those needing mental health care. Rest in peace lovely lady. Thoughts and prayers for the family and friends.


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