BREAKING: Former VP Mike Pence discovered classified documents in Indiana home

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Vice President Mike Pence informed Congress Tuesday that he discovered documents bearing classified markings in his Carmel, Indiana, home on Jan. 16 from his time as vice president.

Following the revelations that classified documents from President Biden’s tenure as vice president were found at the Penn Biden Center think tank and Wilmington, Delaware, the vice president’s team conducted searches of Pence’s Indiana home and political advocacy group, Advancing American Freedom, office.

According to his team, Pence informed the National Archives on Jan. 18 of a small number of potential classified documents found in two small boxes. Another two boxes contained copies of vice presidential papers. The National Archives then informed the FBI per standard procedure.

The report further explains that as soon as the classified documents were found in Pence’s home in Carmel, Indiana, they were immediately put in a safe, and Pence attorney Greg Jacob notified Acting Director Kate Dillon McClure of the White House Liaison Division National Archives and Records Administration.

The FBI then retrieved the documents from Pence’s home on Thursday evening, Jan. 19, while Pence was in Washington, D.C. for the March for Life event.

This is a developing story….

Reactions are already pouring in on social media.

Former congressional candidate Robby Starbuck tweeted, “Now Mike Pence has turned over a set of classified documents he found at his house. This is turning into a dark comedy. We all know Obama, Clinton and Bush have these documents at their houses too, right? When will the FBI go search them to check on that?”

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    • Isn’t far-right extremist trumpster diving conspiratorial paranoid schizophrenia just the best?
      How about trying Pence thinking, oh, shit! I have them too. I better get out in front of this and get this shit reported before they bust my ass with a surprise raid. I can’t be doing the stupid shit like Forrest Trump and think I can use the legal system to keep my cool classified material.
      . Trump Derangement Syndrome is a consequence by a gathering of people selling their soul to a leader with a long history of using others for the sole benefit of himself.

        • You don’t dare challenge truth much, do you?
          If I were a 14 year old, what does that say about your inability to debate such a person with anything more than a response?
          . Trump Derangement Syndrome is the result of the failed American education system which will end with trumpster divers carrying out the results of the Milgram Experiment for their MAGA cult leader

        • A likely response when you can’t give a rebuttal.
          . Trump Derangement Syndrome is a socially engineered disease spread among misinformed, but well-intentioned individuals who formed a group led by a master manipulator who uses the gullible to satisfy his social climbing narcissism

  1. I could fix this in one quick stroke of the pen:

    * ALL documents from any committee, President, VP, congressmen or women are the property of the United States and are to remain strictly in archives or designated official areas.

    • Your suggestion would be the best outcome.
      Just so you know, Trump did not win.
      . Trump Derangement Syndrome is a result of a master-mind psychopath whose goal is to use faith-based followers to fulfill biblical teaching of being the Antichrist.

  2. Oh Gee! This is amazing! No, sorry, not buying it! Pence is part of the DS & this is orchestrated to take pressure off of Biden. Talk about a “STAGED” event! He just happened to go looking for them & just now found them. How Pathetic are these people! How stupid do they think we are?

    • Jesus Christ, you trumpster divers get more paranoid the closer ‘24 becomes.
      Trump Derangement Syndrome is a paranoid, extremist fascist quasi-conservative philosophy whose goal is to cancel anyone who disagrees with the leadership of their diabolical founder

  3. Our government is filled with incompetent, inept, narcissistic assholes! They should all be jailed & charged with treason. Both sides. If you can’t tell what is classified information, you have no business in government! Why the hell is it allowed off government grounds? If I did that, I’d be behind bars!

  4. Hmmm. Sounds suspiciously like an attempt to neutralize what Biden did. An attempt To weaken the impact of having Classified documents at home.

    Pence saying….See I was a VP and I did that too! It happens!

    • If we are to subscribe to your logical fallacy, then logic dictates that Biden’s revelations is cover to neutralize Trump’s dilemma
      See how retarded trumpster divers think?
      . Trump Derangement Syndrome is a paranoid, extremist fascist quasi-conservative philosophy whose goal is to cancel anyone who disagrees with the leadership of their diabolical founder

  5. Seems to be common practice for Presidents, VP’s and who knows others, to keep classified docs in their possession, even after they leave office. So, what’s the big deal about Trump doing the same? Pot calling the kettle black.

  6. So can someone go and check the Clintons and the Oboma’s homes! Pence he is a snake and turncoat. He got the letter also at Late George Bush’s funeral. I could never understand why trump picked him.

      • Sue,
        That just may the the stupidest comment ever posted on DML
        . Trump Derangement Syndrome is a philosophy held by a group of people who ascribe a belief that their leader and mentor has been granted by God the position of President-for-Life.

  7. It’s funny that all these people were so quick to condemn Trump, yet they were guilty of the same thing. I hate to think what could be at the homes of others ie…Bush, Obama and Clinton. How can they be so cavalier with official documents? It’s rampant. Are they all scrambling now to find and possibly hide documents? Granted the president is the only one able to declassify, but the VP’s?? Is this an attempt to take the heat off clueless Joe? Stay tuned….

  8. WHAT!? No FBI search warrant and raid of his personal residence with machine guns drawn?

    Who said there’s not a 2-tiered justice system in this country… for the Deep State Globalists and another for
    America First?

    A bunch of lying egotistical hypocritical
    Assholes… Mike Pence

  9. I agree this was invented to take away the wrong doings of Biden. Was my FIRST thoughts after reading this.
    Well it ain’t gonna work!

  10. Why do those documents don’t have a tracker of some sort so they would know if someone tried to remove them from the White House or were ever they are kept?

  11. How is it that the National Archives knew what Trump had, but they didn’t know that documents were missing from Biden’s time in the Senate, and Vice Presidency? Now Pence has some, and they didn’t know that, either? Funny how the only one that got raise. Was Trump, and he was the only one authorized to declassify those documents?

  12. I’m sorry, this is just weird. My first thought, was cover for Biden, but the more I think about how odd this is, it’s starting to look like plants….not that I am in any way excusing any of it, but at least the President does have the authority to deem classified non unclassified. I can see how a VP could inadvertently bring something home because they received the notification in their office, but how the heck does a Senator bring this home from the skiff!

    • Because we have the mentality ill running our country right now & no one is doing anything about it! Our so called President doesn’t even know where he is half the time & he can’t remember his VP’s name!

  13. Ok I thought Vice Presidents could not have these documents? Only sitting Presidents could? How come we hear more and more having these classified papers at their houses? And the big outrage they made with Trump ! Let’s make with the same outrage with all those who have these documents! I don’t get why these documents are taken and stored an a private facility that’s guarded and locked up tight! Sounds very irresponsible to me!

  14. Who packs these boxes to start with? How many of these were planted to be found later when the archives complain? Although in Biden’s case they were spread all over everywhere and not protected in any way. Too many questions.

  15. Obviously this is a pretty common thing that the Democrats thought they could make a mountain out of a mole hill on Trump. They have once again failed to do so.


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