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Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signed a bill into law Wednesday that bans abortion at conception in his state, the strictest anti-abortion law in the nation.

Stitt signed House Bill 4327, which prohibits physicians from performing abortions at any point in a pregnancy, unless it is necessary to save the pregnant woman’s life.

The article goes on to state the following:

The new law immediately went into effect after Stitt signed it.

“I promised Oklahomans that as governor I would sign every piece of pro-life legislation that came across my desk and I am proud to keep that promise today,” Stitt said in a statement. “From the moment life begins at conception is when we have a responsibility as human beings to do everything we can to protect that baby’s life and the life of the mother. That is what I believe and that is what the majority of Oklahomans believe. If other states want to pass different laws, that is their right, but in Oklahoma we will always stand up for life.”

In response to the new state law, some left-wing activists appear to be planning nationwide protests.

The Twitter page ‘Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights’ posted a notice online for plans to stage a walk out of schools and work at 12pm on Thursday.


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  1. This is the thing, and the screamers on the Left don’t want to understand: if the people of a state want abortion to be legal then it will be. A state that doesn’t want it, or wants restrictions, those people have that choice. The Left cannot be allowed to bully their way past the Constitution, even if the SCOTUS decades ago was WRONG.

  2. They elected a man with balls in Oklahoma. Now maybe the rest of the governors will follow his example or at the least make women totally responsible financially for their choices . Implement the womans ERA that was finally ratified . Ha,,,never happen


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