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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following information published by DailyMail:

A hacker claims to have archived all of Parler’s deleted posts and says they provide ‘very incriminating’ evidence in the wake of the deadly mob attack at the US Capitol.

Parler went offline shortly after 3am EST Monday after Amazon booted the platform off its web hosting service, effectively shutting the site down until it can find a new hosting partner or fund its own servers.

The article goes on to state the following:

It had already vanished from the Apple and Google app stores after they cut ties with the right wing platform.

Twitter user @donk_enby has announced in a number of Twitter posts that she has captured data and videos from Parler, “complete with GPS metadata to show exactly where they were taken.”

That could prove helpful for law enforcement looking into the DC riot, the Daily Mail stated. The report also states:  She told Gizmodo how she started with the aim of archiving every post since the Capitol riot on January 6. But when it emerged the site would be scrubbed she worked to pull 99 per cent of the content on the site. 

See the Twitter posts below:

A patriot group posted a warning, saying, “Bad news. Left extremists have captured and archived over 70TB of data from parler servers. This includes posts, personal information, locations, videos, images, etc.

“The intent is a mass dox and a list to hold patriots “accountable.” It is too late to scrub your data, and its already archived. There is nothing you can do to prevent whats already happened. All you can do is prepare for the fallout. Accountability may come in many forms for our free speech, doxing, jobs might be called, addresses leaked and people coming to your house, etc.

“Things will get better before they get worse. Spread this information. Check Twitter account donk_enby. This is the rat running the operation. Many liberals have dedicated their computers processing power to capture the data before the shutdown.”

@donk_enby responded, “Great job, everyone.”

To get more information about this article, please visit DailyMail.

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  1. Sounds illegal to me, an invasion of privacy. And for the intended use of doxing and such. Give me a break here! Isn’t this stealing?

    • Yes. It’s stealing. That’s what Chestocrats are good at stealing. They stole the election. They’re thievery knows no bounds. Isn’t hacking against the law? Shouldn’t this person be arrested?

  2. This is pretty funny since the Parler platform, unlike FB has no means to post personal videos or do live videos unless they’re uploaded from other private domains or websites. People share all kinds of links that contain video content from all different platforms such as DML news, Fox News, FB etc. AWESOME JOB Hacker! You captured the same content every other platform and news media shares! Maybe next time you can “crawl” someone else’s metadata that allows “Event planning” which Parler does not! DML, I know you don’t have Parler but please. I am an avid follower of your news and feel embarrassed you got hoodwinked with this persons attempt to have their 15 minutes of fame.

    • They don’t, and in any means, That leaves the door open for a lawsuit by the Public. No 230 act can protect that! Simply based off the public transcripts of their Testimony in Congress during their hearing. Now, would be most perfect Time to Find one Hell of an Attorney 😉

  3. If this hacker was able to get everything off Parler, who says she didn’t add some of her own fake pictures and posts? Can’t trust a criminal!!

  4. I doubt there is truly a hacker. This is Amazon pulling the data from the server they were providing to Parler before Amazon pulled it away. The hacker story is just a ruse so they can protect themselves from liability while they assist Twitter and FB with one of the most heinous crimes in our country’s history.

  5. Come to my house Dumass!
    I’m always up for company. I’m old and I don’t have anything to lose!
    Somewhere in the background you’ll hear a Rebel yell and The Star Spangled Banner.
    Come prepared to stay. Mama always said, “Company and fish start to smell after 3 days.”
    You know cancel culture goes both ways?
    Bless your heart.

  6. Who the hell is going to trust a link a hacker posted in the first place?

    That’s like taking candy from a creepy stranger in a van.


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