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Witnesses described pandemonium after a mass shooting Monday at a July 4 parade that killed at least six people and injured 34 in the upscale Chicago suburb of Highland Park, according to reports.

“It looked like a war zone,” Paul Chesler, 75, told Fox News Digital.

The article goes on to state the following:

Chesler and his girlfriend were watching the parade when a gunman positioned on a roof opened fire at about 10:14 a.m. “We heard 15 or 16 rapid fire shots, which we thought were fireworks, but all of a sudden, like two seconds afterwards, people started running and screaming gunfire,” said Chesler, who has attended the parade nine years in a row. “It was total chaos. My girlfriend and I were almost trampled by dozens of people trying to get out of the way.”

Police have described the gunman as a White male with longish black hair and a slim build, estimated to be about 18-20 years old.

The gunman reportedly fired from a rooftop of a building along the parade route, as the parade was only minutes underway. Authorities believe he accessed the rooftop by climbing up a ladder attached to the building from an alleyway.  He left a “high-powered” rifle on the roof and fled.  Police are still considering the gunman armed and dangerous, and are searching for him.

Investigators are trying to trace the gun they found back to the owner in hopes of being able to identify the gunman.

At least six people were killed in the massacre. Five people were found dead at the scene, and another individual died after being taken to the hospital.

In an update, Highland Park Police said another 31 people are hospitalized, with their conditions ranging from serious to critical.  A child is among those who are critically injured.

New video footage of the shooting has surfaced on social media, as the gunman opened fire on the parade crowd below.  Terrified people are seen screaming and running for their lives and the rapid-fire gunshots are head.

Rapid-fire gunshots are also heard in the horrifying video below:

Alexander Sandoval, a father who was attending the parade with his family, described the horror he saw, and said he first ran with his son and hid the child in a dumpster, then went back to find the rest of his family.

Another woman said she saw one girl shot and killed:

Another witness, Dr. David Baum, told NBC that he saw victims with “wartime injuries.”

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  1. That “witness” on CNN was not very believable. She seems way too calm to have witnessed what she said she did. My opinion

  2. My heart is broken today and I know I’m not alone. This country is falling in front of our very eyes. What in the world could have made this person shoot at innocent people? That video that I just saw really makes me wonder if it was innocent. Does anyone else agree?

  3. I wonder if this is another lost kid that someone pick up train to kill b people ! Las Vegas and the Texas school used the same kind of guns , Chicago shooter and the Texas school shooter knew each other ! They need to investigate who is behind these boys, men giving them money to buy these costly gun and bullets!!! Texas school shooter had some where in estimated price of 90,000 dollars of guns, bullets, a brand. New truck worth 70,000 dollars he work part time at McDonald! Where in the hell is the fbi, atf and the justice dept?? They are more worried if Trump did something wrong , then worrying about the shooting by mass murders!!!!

  4. Condolences for the victims.
    I can’t help but think this was staged though. With everything going on in Chicago, and the comments recently made by the Illinois government. I hate to be skeptical, but…
    Honestly I can’t put anything aside when these evil people are in charge, especially when they call for violence openly, and hate white people so much.

  5. That’s it! I’m not going anywhere without my gun! I don’t give a damn who says I can’t! Our government is shooting us and I have no doubt about it!


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