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A congressional committee investigating the Trump administration’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic issued a subpoena for former White House trade adviser Peter Navarro on Thursday for failing to respond to document and interview requests.

The subpoena is the second issued by the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis since its formation last year. The committee is probing whether former Trump administration officials mishandled the federal response to the pandemic, specifically whether it interfered with its own health agencies’ work and how it attempted to change its messaging to downplay the threats posed by the virus.

The article goes on to state the following:

The committee issued its first subpoena to Steven Hatfill, a virologist and former adviser to Navarro, in September. The committee also sent a document request to Navarro that month. Thursday’s subpoena compels Navarro to produce documents by Dec. 8 and appear for a deposition by Dec. 15.

The report explains that Navarro served since the beginning of the Trump administration as the director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy.

The committee is seeking his testimony and documents for details on “how the Trump administration reacted to early warnings about the virus, its potential economic consequences and how it went about securing goods such as masks, gowns and ventilators.”

While building up the federal government’s stockpiles of medical supplies, the report alleges that Navarro awarded contracts to companies who were closely aligned with the administration without going through the appropriate open-bidding process.

The report also accuses Navarro of prioritizing personal protective equipment manufactured in the United States, “despite a lack of manufacturing capacity in the country.”

Politico also writes that Navarro “pushed Covid-19 policies and science that were inaccurate and sparred with top health experts in the administration.”

Politico reporter Erin Banco, author of the report, tweeted, “Through prior testimony and document requests, the committee found that Navarro kept a daily journal about his time in the WH and used an encrypted personal email account to communicate with White House personnel between February 2020 and January 2021.”

Banco added, “In response to a request for comment, Navarro told me he’s going to deliver a case of his new book to the committee to show them that the probe is a “witch hunt”.”

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  1. Seems odd that they haven’t subpoenaed Fauci to ask why he spent on our money on making COVID and why he has lied to the world since the beginning. Those are the answers we need.

  2. Dems are trying to blame this current economic fiasco on Trump; another BIG thing Trump had better do NOW is disavow the safety of the vaccines bc Dems are going to blame him on all the deaths from them. Red alert everyone: the next big bio weapon release by Fauci will be small pox; vials of small pox were found in a Merc lab in PA. This’ll be their reason to cancel the 2022 election and continue the globalist murder of Americans especially if the courts rule the mandates are unconstitutional

  3. The nightly news keep bringing up the rise in covid cases but neglect to say how many are from illegals that the usless biden administration keeps sending all over the country


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