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House Democrats early Saturday narrowly approved President Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus bill, overcoming Republican opposition and accusations of waste in the “emergency” package.

The American Rescue Plan Act passed 219 to 212 just before 2 a.m., garnering not one Republican vote.

The article goes on to state the following:

Two Democrats, Jared Golden of Maine and Kurt Schrader of Oregon, voted against the measure, which gives $1,400 stimulus checks to adults earning $75,000 or less a year.

The bill also includes an extra $1,400 payment for each dependent child, as well as a $3,600 annual tax credit per child under age 6, and $3,000 per child up to age 17.

The report notes that a family of four could potentially pocket over $14,000 in payments from the bill.

Democrats left the $15 per hour minimum wage increase in the bill, but it will reportedly be removed from the Senate version.

CLICK HERE to read more from the NY Post.

House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy blasted the bill on Twitter. He wrote:

This bill calls for Harvard and other elite institutions to receive hundreds of millions of dollars. But Harvard already has a $40 billion endowment.

Check the fine print:

  • Page 97: Democrats hand out health care subsidies to illegal immigrants
  • Page 347: They fast-track $1.5 billion to Amtrak, which hasn’t even spent the $1 billion from the last package
  • Page 358: They funnel $140 million for a tunnel near Pelosi’s district

Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-Iowa) announced earlier, “Democrats’ spending bill sends $140 million to Speaker Pelosi’s pet subway project in California. This is Washington pork spending at its WORST. My amendment would take away this carve out & redirect this money to mental health programs for students.”

“I just introduced an amendment that would take the $140 million carveout for Speaker Pelosi’s pet subway project in CA and send it to mental health programs for students who are suffering because of this pandemic lockdown. Will House Democrats put students over subways?” Hinson wrote.

She soon got the answer, tweeting, “BREAKING🚨 Democrats just blocked $140 million in grants for mental health services for kids. Know where they decided to spend that taxpayer money instead? Pelosi’s tunnel.”

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) also wrote, “We should DEFUND Pelosi’s Bay Area tunnel and put the $112 million towards mental health services for kids struggling because their school won’t reopen. Republicans have a motion to do it. Will Democrats fall in line behind Pelosi and block it or do what’s right for these kids?”

Pelosi’s tunnel won out over the kids. Scalise tweeted, “BREAKING NEWS 🚨 Democrats just BLOCKED our motion to redirect the money in the COVID relief bill for Pelosi’s Bay Area Tunnel to mental health services for kids whose schools are still closed. Their priorities are telling.”

Rep. Carol Miller (R-W.V.) declared, “I raise bison. I know bull when I see it, and I know manure when I see it. Let’s cut the bull – The $1.9 trillion payout doesn’t crush #COVID19, nor does it create jobs.”

Scalise had sounded the alarm on Thursday over a special provision tucked away in the massive bill, that will give $1,400 per WEEK to full time federal employees if they have to stay home with their children because school is closed, or if their childcare worker is unavailable due to coronavirus precautions.  It only applies if the children are enrolled in public schools.

Meanwhile, Democrats cheered the passage of the bill, and slammed Republican for not supporting it.

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  1. We know it will be loaded with items nit even related to Covid yet democrats will always highlight the measly amount that goes to the people snd hide the millions going to their pet projects for elites.

  2. DISGUSTING under the guise of help to Americans!#!# these politicians will be long dead when our generations of children to come will have to suffer through this outrageous elitetism!!!

  3. without President Trump i don’t believe this Greedy democrat will give 14 hundred plus 600 few months..they love this bills because their family working in federal government ..i wonder how about the State employees employees all the about all health care workers ..their lives hanging fifty fifty nothing on this bills

  4. This is crazy! 1.9 trillion bill that has a ton of pork in it is outrageous! All that’s really needed is to open up the economy! Get people back to work & the children back in school! The Dems are all about keeping the people dependent on the government! That is how they want to turn our country into a socialist nation. This needs to be stopped! Grrrr

    • Agree and HHITTS or SSLLamms Pelosi head on that walls so that she will be gone forever or Shjjt in this country is minimizing she is just bad example for our children

  5. All of the pork should be removed by the Senate. EVERYONE in the Senate should remember that there are elections in 2 years.

    The majority of the money in the bill is NOT for Americans because of covid – which is what the bill is allegedly for.

    No tunnel money, no money for illegal aliens, no money to open schools (what the hell have they spent money on while closed; if wasted – too bad, so sad);no money to harvard or other institutions; no health care subsidies to illegal aliens – those monies should be spent on American citizens; no money to Amtrak; no additional child credits: families already get a lot in child credits: parents are responsible for the children – NOT all American taxpayers; SO: Remove The Pork, Senators.

  6. You know every time the Dems give money to organizations like National Endowments for the Arts or Planned Parenthood,etc., these organizations turn around and donate a good portion of that money to the Democrate party. The last time they gave to the Arts was to help the NY Philharmonic get out of debt so they wouldn’t have to fire some of their musicians. But what happened was, they took the money and made a big donation to the Dem Party and fired those musicians anyway! If this isn’t “Money Laundering” I don’t know what is! This is how they all get to be millionaires. And then there is “Pay to Play”!

    I think Congress should pass a law that prohibits any organization or person who accepts money from the govt from donating to either party or person. If they need the money that badly then they should not be giving it away! That’s our tax money, folks!

    And we desperately need Term Limits! The longer these Congress men/ women are in office, the more contacts are made, the more gifts are given, money donated, favors given, etc.
    I urge you all to read the bill that Cruz & team put together on Term limits. Nice try but, it will not go into effect right away. It is spread over 7 years! I think they could do better!

  7. already there nothing to do about that But the only i can see seem looks likes that tunnel is not equally partisan especially to americans while in my STATE we have to pay for the Bridge 3 dollars a day to go to work every day…i guarantee you that Tunnel will name for her later maniac Pelosi tunnel for that 6 children..she love to play her favorites toys for her 6 children but now she is paying any one for abortion to kill the human being or they will burry her when that tunnel will blue up “ “God will “She is so devil

  8. all this State needs to appeal for that Tunnel because that’s tunnel that her State Tax not federal tax..we are paying for 3 dollars for my bridge..


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