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The House passed voting rights legislation on Thursday in a way that is intended to set up a battle in the Senate over that issue as well as the filibuster.

The measure passed in a 220-203 party-line vote.

The article goes on to state the following:

Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) has vowed to put the measure to a vote in the coming days before the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday in a bid to highlight state laws approved by GOP-dominated state governments that Democrats say will make it more difficult for their supporters — including minority voters — to vote.

A separate report by the New York Post explains:

Democrats merged the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and the Freedom to Vote Act into a single text and crammed the new bill into previously passed legislation extending NASA’s authority to lease its facilities.

Because the so-called “shell” NASA bill already cleared the House and Senate, Democrats can kick-start debate on the Senate floor without Republican support.

“Today our nation faces the most dangerous assault on the vote since Jim Crow,” Pelosi claimed, in a push to convince congress members to vote on the bill.

No Republicans voted to support the bill. The House Republicans explained in a series of Twitter posts:

The Democrats’ “voting rights” bill is nothing more than an attempt to nationalize elections so they can maintain power:

  • It gives BILLIONS of public dollars to campaigns.
  • Transforms the office of the U.S. Attorney General into an unaccountable “Elections Czar.”

  • Allows the IRS to investigate and consider the political and policy persuasions of organizations before granting tax-exempt status.
  • Imposes liberal California voting methods on every state.
  • Forces states to legalize ballot harvesting.
  • Makes it harder for states to maintain their voter lists.
  • Disregards state voter identification laws and provisional ballot rules.

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  1. Well hopefully there are more than one democrat Senator ( s) that will vote for the people n not against what the people want.. Smh.. Democrats are out to crush this nation..

    • Not only crush our country, but to be the continuous ruling party with socialist ideology! They are evil, power hungry people’.

    • Mark, I’ve been saying that very same thing for the same reason. They’re totally unconstitutional and unlawful. The party should be outlawed and all members barred from public office for life. Start a new party with new people. Republicans have got to stop giving ground..and NO globalists in either party.

  2. They are trying to circumvent the constitution, this would have to be an Amendment to the constitution and must be ratified by the states. The constitution gives the power of voting to the states and not the federal government. Regardless of its passage it is unconstitutional for them to inact this voting bill. If the ACLU is not all over this it will show you that they have become a political arm of the demnuts.

  3. The Democrats are out of control, they are so afraid of the midterm elections that are doing everything and hurrying to pass all kind of bills that can help them keep control. They all are a disgrace to the US and their citizens, they don’t care about the wish of the American people. Let’s hope that this bill will be stopped at the senate floor, hopefully senators Machin, Sinema and all republicans do their job and stand up for the US and their citizens!🙏🤞❤️🇺🇸

  4. What a friggin disaster. The whole United States will look like California.
    This is beginning to sound more and more like the enabling act that Hitler was able to pass.
    Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  5. Americans Wake up and ask yourselves the “Why” questions
    Our God given rights Not those of wannabe dictators Must be taken back. We sit as sheep allowing elected morons to destroy us all. Ask For What reason We are living in the same kind of tyranny that caused our ancestors to give their lives to stop. I have watched over 70 yrs as our people have been so dumbed down and turned into genderless perverts . For What Or Who ? For what other reason except to kill all of them off . Now ! They starve and create man made virus’s and lockdowns and we are totally are occupied by the most evil people in America!! Why ? To kill us all
    They no longer even resemble What An American is ! This once great nation That was created by the people not the government Is still a great nation worthy of all that it’s people created. When Americans are you going to rise? This kind of evil must be cut out or we will die Every Democrat / rino must be plucked out from among us. Their evil surpasses that of all of those who held office in our chambers and throughout America Not since King George have our people been murdered and our country destroyed by people within our country
    Democrats are nothing more than the demons straight out of hell doing satans agendas
    Everything they do is for the destruction of America and its people
    History always repeats itself And half of America does not know any history
    But once again the sword. must be revisited in order to protect the freedoms our ancestors died to give us.
    None of us will be allowed to sit this one out We either take it back
    “ OR GOD WiLL “

  6. So, the Democraps feel sooooo threatened they actually want to give the IRS the right to choose who gets tax exemption status based on their political persuasion?????? Dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty. Grow up you overgrown spoiled brats.

  7. Call your Senators today to oppose this bill. The have put the voting rights garbage in the NASA bill thinking nobody will read it.

  8. I know of one Republican that just found out he has the positive test and won’t be back before Mlk jr day so that’s one vote for dems by his not showing up … how many more republicans are going to play this card. So they can’t be revealed as siding with dems.
    Corruption 100%

  9. If the democrats really won the 2020 election with 81 million votes, then what are they complaining about? Why throw out the filibuster? We all know the answer to that one, don’t we!

  10. PLEASE go to to find out who your state senators are and CALL to ask them how they plan to vote on the fillibuster and voting rights act. Ask them for a reply, each state has two. Tell them you want to keep the fillibuster as is and no on voting rights act. Ask them how they plan to vote. Need to bombard your senators to not support this crap!

  11. Don’t you just love how the Democrats throw in the NASA bipartisan bill into the voting rights bill as a trick to get the Senate to pass it. Makes me sick! 🤬🤬🤬

  12. There are so many people who don’t care about politics and the least informed are the Democrat voters.
    Sad but the democrats in power have no scruples about what and how they do things. They will lie there way out of everything. No one holds them accountable. We have a few good Republicans but the rest are simply there for the money and perks and the big pension and healthcare they receive.
    We are crumbling as a great nation. Letting in people like Omar into the country by obama has given away parts of the country to people whose ultimate desire is to ruin America. How many camps are there in the USA set up by those from foreign countries and somehow we can’t stop them. No one is watching out for America. Very sad.


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