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A criminal complaint against disgraced former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was dismissed by an Albany judge Friday.

The livestream for the virtual hearing had a rocky start, with several minutes of indiscernible noises and muffled speech from the courtroom.

The article goes on to state the following:

Cuomo, represented by Michael McDermott and Rita Glavin, did not make a statement or comment on the complaints of “forcible touching.” Instead, the defense rested on paperwork and evidence previously filed.

Assistant district attorney Jennifer McCanney said, “We have reviewed all of the available evidence and concluded we cannot successfully secure a conviction in this case.”

Cuomo tweeted Friday, “’For the last several weeks, we have remained silent while the process played itself out — do not confuse our respect for the justice system with acquiescence. Stay tuned.'”

Legal analyst Barb McQuade tweeted, “3 DAs declined to charge Cuomo because his vile conduct does not violate NY criminal statutes. BUT, like AG, all 3 found victims credible. Cuomo still faces potential civil liability and has shown himself unfit for office by creating a hostile workplace.”

Reporter Darrell Camp tweeted, “.@andrewcuomo Attorney Rita Glavin spoke for about a minute before ending the call without taking questions. ‘A blatantly political act by an unprofessional and rogue sheriff. No jury would have found Ms. Commisso credible… as the governor has said, this simply did not happen.'”

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  1. Anyone surprised? Evil is as evil does. Dismissing evil is condoning evil. And THE NY LEGAL system doesn’t go after anyone but Trump. Fucking idiots. Corrupt whores for the left.

  2. SURPRISE! Really makes you want to live in New York, full of evil devil DEMONcrates with absolutely no morals. If they only had a high speed rail system to California the two clown states could become one

  3. The citizens must get rid of all those grifting in government , appointed judges, elected through fraud or misrepresentation those who do not apply the Constitution anyone who lies breaks the law steals embezzles money laundering allows illegals to enter and vote etc etc et. The current government needs to be removed incarcerated tribunals and we will go forward and try again to form a more perfect union

  4. Standard NY Democrat corruption. Guaranteed if it had been a Republican, he would have been hung and quartered by now

  5. Where are all the women. They’re just rolling over and letting that scumbag walk. All those women dummocrats sure spoke up with Brett Kavanaugh, now they can’t find their tongue


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