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Longtime Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Giuffre’s sexual abuse lawsuit against him can move forward, as a New York judge rejected the royal’s efforts to dismiss her civil claim on Wednesday.

Giuffre, who has alleged that the late financier Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell sexually abused her, said they forced her into sex with the Duke of York at age 17. She filed suit against the royal on 9 August, citing battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The article goes on to state the following:

Prince Andrew’s legal team had argued in court papers and proceedings that Giuffre’s 2009 settlement with Epstein shielded him from her lawsuit. The settlement, which was unsealed on 3 January, awarded Giuffre $500,000.

In his ruling, Manhattan federal court judge Lewis Kaplan “said it was premature to consider the prince’s efforts to cast doubt on Giuffre’s accusations,” the report explained.

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  1. That’s good that the lawsuit against Prince Andrew wasn’t dismissed. Now they need to release the other names and start prosecuting them too!

  2. I don’t get it. 17 emancipated minor consensual sex. Epstein employed her.
    No monies exchanged between the two.
    This was over a decade ago and she has already been paid and the case settled.
    Sounds like extortion.
    If she refiles than all has to be paid back as her settlement is voided.
    Statues of limitations all ready expired.
    The panel needs to go after the Clinton’s, Gates and all the others on the manifest to fly to that island.

  3. The good thing about this is that they might be able to discover others, but the girl on that picture looks so happy that it put doubts on my mind. In the other side she already was paid so why sued him again and not going after the other ones? Because she think she can get more from the prince since this type of scandals are not good for the Royal family and she can easily get a settlement again? I also think this looks more like an extortion!🤔

  4. There is no statute of limitations on crimes against children, child pornography or pedophilia! It’s the same as murder cases. His payoffs to keep her silent mean nothing. This isn’t a civil case, it’s a criminal case that should result in prison time. But, as slow as our justice system moves, I’m sure this will still not be resolved in my remaining lifetime.

  5. The Judge ruled for the defendants lawsuit but will ultimately exonerate the douche bag Princess later like they did with asshole Cuomo!!!!! One step ahead 3 steps back 🙄❗️


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