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A Texas jury on Friday decided that the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones must pay the parents of a child killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting $45.2 million in punitive damages, one day after rendering a $4 million award for compensatory damages.

The jury announced both awards after several dramatic days in court that included testimony that Mr. Jones and Free Speech Systems, the parent company of his misinformation-peddling media outlet, Infowars, were worth between $135 million and $270 million.

The article goes on to state the following:

Mr. Jones was found liable last year of defaming the victims’ families after he spread bogus theories that the shooting had been part of a government plot to confiscate Americans’ firearms and that the victims’ families had been complicit in the scheme.

The $45.2 million in punitive damages will go to the family of slain 6-year-old Jesse Lewis, one of the 26 people killed in the Sandy Hook massacre.

The Times notes that punitive damages “are designed as a deterrent and as punishment of Mr. Jones for defaming Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis.”

Attorneys for the family asked jurors to issue a financial punishment that would put Infowars out of business, USA Today reports.

“You have the ability to stop this man from ever doing it again,” an attorney for the parents told the jury.

In a closing statement, the families’ legal team claimed Alex Jones is worth nearly $270 million “that we know of.”

“Please take an amount that punishes him, and an amount that ensures he never does this again,” a lawyer said.

“This is the first of three trials that Jones will face in relation to his claims that the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax,” the Daily Mail reported. “Two others are set for September, one in Texas and one in Connecticut, where the shooting took place. A total of eight families will be represented in the Connecticut trial.”

The compensatory damages awarded yesterday were to compensate for actual costs the family incurred due to Jones’s claims.


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  1. Good, he deserves to have to pay out that much !! I can only imagine what all these parents have gone through with this crazy plan. Some people will do anything for money !!!

  2. Sorry but that’s not legal. Maximum Punitive Damage in Texas is 2 times the Direct Damage of $4.1 million. So the maximum punitive is $8.2 million plus the $4.1million. If the Judge does not reign this in, it’s a mis-trial. Remember although Jury Awarded $13 million to Johnny Depp, and Judge reduced it to $10.3 million less $2 million.

  3. Sweet justice for the poor parents who lost their child. Too bad it took so long and hopefully the rest of the law suits from the other parents will totally bankrupt Jones and get the nitwit scoundrel off of the air once and for all!

  4. Can not wait to see what cnn msnbc and even fox have to pay for the covid and vaxx lies. Ppl even died there and many lost their homes and businesses! The pay out sb enormously more than that!

  5. This was a Kangaroo Court where Alex was not able to defend himself and the judge didn’t even look at the evidence Alex provided. The judge is a progressive Obama appointee. If you go back and listen to all of Alex’s broad cast on Sandyhook you would know all the allegations were false. The DS is after Alex to shut him up bc he’s been right about everything!!!! I hope he appeals.

  6. Doesn’t settle well with me. Yea, maybe he should have kept his mouth shu going against the Spurs but these parents were so devastated from this horrific tragedy. But he is not responsible for these children’s deaths. It is the Evil 👿 kook who who should have been locked up in a mental hospital and his negligent, stupid mother who bought him guns. His father was negligent also.

  7. Alex jones is correct about government use of the tragedy to further an agenda of gun confiscation. Surely no funds are will be transferred to anyone. (How much CBD oil can you sell?). Alex Jones may sound extreme but not nearly as unhinged as MSM which no one listens to.

    • And Fuck you to JB!!! It will all come out in the wash. They changed judges on them day before court. Obama’s judge. Alex is a good person and if you pick up his book and read it you might learn something because it’s a good book not garbage!


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