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The Biden family was set to benefit from a deal to transfer American natural gas to Chinese energy company CEFC, through a prospective 2017 deal by Hunter and Jim Biden, according to newly uncovered documents — as the Biden administration now massively scales back United States energy production.

Documents never previously reported on, from the infamous “laptop from hell” belonging to Hunter, show the Biden scion was working on a deal in 2017 to transfer liquid natural gas from Louisiana to CEFC — the same Chinese firm with which Hunter also discussed a business venture that would have “10 [percent] held by H for the big guy” — but the deal never materialized.

The article goes on to state the following:

That wouldn’t stop the Chinese players in the deal, however, from going on to push Hunter to help his father mount a bid for president years after.

The report zeros in on correspondence from an intermediary by the name of JiaQi Bao, who worked between Hunter Biden and his Chinese business associates.

Bao sent an email on October 23, 2017 thanking Hunter, and Joe Biden’s brother, Jim, for setting up a meeting with the president of a natural gas liquefaction facility in Louisiana.  Gongwen Dong, a Chinese investor involved in multiple deals linked to the Bidens, was copied on the email.

“We have a 10:30 meeting tomorrow @ 3CC with Greg Michaels, the president of Monkey Island LNG Terminal project in Louisiana. Thank you for Jim and Hunter for bringing the owner to talk to us directly,” Bao wrote.

In another email on October 29, 2017, Bao wrote:

“Through you and Uncle Jim’s connection, with Monkey Island/Magnolia/Project ABC as a starting point / talking point, we can check out a lot of all other interesting Louisana/Taxes/Gulf of Mexico U. S. projects [sic].”

“You are the best person to help your friend Ye to do that, because you know a lot of folks in the area and you have the access to decision- makers / helpful local folks with insight about the region.”

The report explains that the deal eventually fell through in 2018.

However, Bao continued to correspond with Hunter Biden, and wrote in a March 14, 2019 email, “You should not be distracted by random media articles. You need to help Uncle Joe run for President. Your father really should run for 2020 for this country.”

Just over a month later, on April 25, Joe Biden announced he was running for president.

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  1. Are you’re awake now? The Biden’s committed treason against the United States.
    They want to choke off our energy to create a buy back from China.

  2. You can transpose “Joe Biden” onto any mention of Hunter Biden; their criminal acts and conspiracy were one in the same. it is disgusting and a national danger to have Joe Biden running our nation. He will give away our freedoms and prosperity to China because he owes them.

  3. Hunter is the scion of a wealthy family
    Biden’s are buried deep in the root of all evil
    Because they love all that dirty evil money
    They don’t care who gets destroyed as long as they get pallets full

  4. And yet they crucified President Trump and Don,jr for a false made up story and a meeting to learn about Clinton’s dirty doings!
    Our country seems to be doomed.

  5. These scums only got a yr left and when we take power back and they don’t put this traitor behind bars the American people should civil unrest. But, I don’t think they have brains r spine enough to do it. Ignorant and lazy people and that’s r demise

    • Brad, it’s more then a year, sad to say. Biden’s, term is for, 4 years. He just became President, this year. Unless your talking about, the 2022 election, where the Republicans, prayerfully win back the the house. Then they can do something about this mess.


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