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The St. Louis couple who was famously pictured wielding guns as Black Lives Matter demonstrators marched outside their property last year received a pardon from Missouri Gov. Mike Parson, his office announced Tuesday.

The pardons for Mark and Patricia McCloskey, two attorneys in their 60s, were granted July 30. In total, Parson, a Republican, granted 12 pardons and two commutations.

The article goes on to state the following:

The pair pleaded guilty to misdemeanors in connection with the June 2020 incident and were ordered to pay fines. Mark McCloskey, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor fourth-degree assault for threatening the passersby with an AR-15 rifle and was fined $750.

Additionally, Patricia McCloskey was given a $2,000 fine and pleaded guilty to “harassment.”

The Black Lives Matter protesters had breached a gate and entered the private, gated community.

The couple released the following statement after Governor Parson issued the pardon on Tuesday:

We are grateful for Gov. Mike Parson’s support in granting Patty and me a pardon for the political persecution of defending our lives against the angry mob. It was actually Gov. Parson who led the charge as a state senator and passed the legislation known as the Castle Doctrine that guarantees Missourians the right to defend themselves with all necessary force.

While Patty and I appreciate the governor’s pardon, there is still work to be done. In our case, the circuit attorney raided our home a year ago and seized the two guns involved in the defense of our home. Despite repeated requests and the later dropping of the charges used to seize our guns and now our pardon, St. Louis will not return our weapons. We believe this is wrong and in direct conflict with our Second Amendment rights.

We are calling on the Missouri General Assembly to pass legislation fixing this broken piece of law and protect Missourians’ constitutional rights. We are eager to help Gov. Parson and the General Assembly strengthen Missouri’s Castle Doctrine law.

Believe is a video clip of the incident which prompted the charges against the McCloskeys.

Mark McCloskey is now running for U.S. Senate:

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    • Yes. The leftist media were still calling mobs “ protesters” while looting burning and utterly destroying whole neighborhoods.
      This, while multiple major corporations flooded the chief agency of this “ unrest” with hundreds of millions of dollars.
      And no matter what this terrorist organization does they cannot be sued.
      Their rapid appearance in every western nation simultaneously should tell you they aren’t a “ grass roots organization “ that sprung up . They were well organized long before their taking to the world stage.

  1. Good great glad to hear it finally some common sense and common desency for the good of the American people. Hopefully they will get the new legislation to strengthen our 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms

  2. They do deserve thier guns back and its obvious they are going to forge ahead and get them…. A refund of the fines and.exponging thier records too !!

  3. It’s ridiculous that it has come to this. They should never have been arrested. Also, the McCloskey’s deserve to have their guns returned!

  4. Despite some news reports that this couple was threatening passersby, these protesters were on private property, had gone through the security fence, and were surrounding these people practically on their doorstep. That they could’ve ever been convicted of anything involving defending their own property is disgusting. And I wonder where the ACLU is in all of this, with these peoples constitutional rights being ignored? I don’t have to wonder, we know they are not about civil liberties.


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