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MOSCOW (AP) — A Moscow court on Tuesday ordered Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny to prison for more than 2 1/2 years on charges that he violated the terms of his probation while recuperating in Germany from nerve-agent poisoning, a ruling certain to ignite more protests across the country.

Just before the ruling, Navalny, who is the most prominent critic of President Vladimir Putin, had denounced the proceedings as a vain attempt by the Kremlin to scare millions of Russians into submission. His team called on Russians to rally immediately in central Moscow in protest.

The article goes on to state the following:

The ruling came despite massive protests across Russia over the past two weekends and Western calls to free the 44-year-old anti-corruption campaigner.

The report notes that the Kremlin’s charges against Navalny are over a 2014 conviction for embezzlement, an allegation which he has denied as completely fabricated.

Russian authorities arrested him on Jan. 17 when he returned to the country after recovering in Germany from the poisoning attack.  Although multiple tests confirmed the poisoning, Russia has denied that, claiming he has no proof.

Just before his sentencing on Tuesday, Navalny drew a heart for his wife on the window.

CNN reporter Bianna Golodryga reported on the court proceedings in multiple tweets. In one, she wrote, “Politics aside: @navalny nearly died after being poisoned with chemical weapon. He spent months recovering in another country. He chose to return to Russia, to a preordained sentence. What happens next is unknown. But, this is the image of a Russian patriot.”

In another tweet, Golodrya stated of Navalny, “His odds of winning a Nobel Peace Prize (he’s already nominated), have shot way up.”

She added, “It is outrageous that Putin was given a prime speaking platform at the World Economic Forum last week.”

ABC’s The View co-host Meghan McCain voiced her outrage over the sentence, tweeting, “This is an absolute atrocity. The U.S. must enact sanctions against Russia today!! We cannot sit by and let tyranny stand. May God be with this heroic freedom fighter @navalny…. the whole world is watching Putin.”

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken tweeted, “The United States is deeply concerned by Russia’s actions toward Aleksey Navalny. We reiterate our call for his immediate and unconditional release as well as the release of all those wrongfully detained for exercising their rights.”

In his remarks before the sentencing, Navalny slammed Putin without mentioning his name, saying, “Someone wanted very much that I did not make a single step on the territory of our country as a free man. And we know to whom, we know, the reason is the hatred and fear of one who lives in a bunker, I caused him mortal insult by surviving after they tried to kill me on his orders.”

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  1. Pay attention for this is a preview of what the left will do to their political opponents just as soon as they actually consolidate power. Give it two months, maybe even less.
    Dont be surprised when they just start digging mass graves.
    We are finished as a republic.

  2. This is a brave man being persecuted by cowards.

    Putin could learn a lot from Biden. In Russia, the political nemesis of the president gets just a two-three-year prison sentence, while here in the United States, a man can be sentenced to 10 years in prison just for authoring a political meme.


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