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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following information published by Fox News:

Multiple people – including an officer – were injured Monday afternoon in a mass shooting at a high school in Knoxville, police said.

Local reports say the suspect has been found dead.

The article goes on to state the following:

Multiple agencies are at the scene of the shooting in Austin-East Magnet High School, according to police.

The Knoxville Police department said a reunification site has been established for parents to meet up with their children.

Superintendent Bob Thomas tweeted that school building has been secured and that all students who were not involved have been released to reunite with their families.

The identities or conditions of the victims have not been made public at this time, nor any information regarding the shooter.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee said during a scheduled briefing on education Monday afternoon that he is monitoring the situation closely, asking for prayers.

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  1. Isn’t it ironic that this only happens when Democrats are in office. This gives them a reason ( or so they think) to push gun control. The “gun” didn’t pull the trigger- leave the guns out of it and take care of the people doing the shooting.

  2. Prayers going up.
    Hmmmm….. guns don’t kill people. People with guns kill people. And, some parents really don’t know what their children are doing.
    Read the book by Dylan Klebold’s Mom. A Mother’s Reckoning.

  3. Saying a prayer for all the students and faculty and employees –
    This is so tragic and wrong!
    This and all the other bad events happening is not helping with the second amendment bs going on!
    Could it be that people know weak ole Joe does nothing about violence so they thought they had a free pass, too?

  4. Is it just another coincidence that the mass shootings begin every single time the Dems want to take our guns? I think not. Prayers for the children and their families. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 They call this collateral damage, and don’t even care…

  5. My thinking is in other countries they pay people to do this mass killing and pay off the families with lots of money. Well maybe this is the way they are going to take our guns by causing a lot of mass shooting and paying these people to do this.You do know Obama is running the show on the left and he is very familiar with terrorist organizations.

  6. Funny all of the sudden this is happening more and more. Biden and his administration goes, so does all this violence. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that.

  7. You know if they would just stop publicizing these event this shizzz would stop but nope they make it a major story and make these monsters into superstars and then if they don’t kill them the tax payers get to support them for the rest of their life’s and then the tax payers get to be lectured about how guns kill people not the dick weed that aims and pulls the trigger that are the one’s that kill, why is it when someone goes on a rampage with a knife we don’t hear a word, knifes kill people more then guns but yet their not trying to take our knifes away.

  8. None of this was happening when Trump was in office…Biden has only been in office 2 1/2 months and look at all of the mass shootings going on. 🤔

  9. And the acting begins. This is why kids are offered acting and the arts instead of REAL Skills for Real life, like The Trades skills. Everyone wants a shot at the big screen..
    A show to push Gun Control. PERIOD!!
    Sad thing about it, always someone has to die? Cops taking the hits?


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