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Police announced in a new update Monday evening that a person of interest as been identified in the horrific shooting at an Independence Day parade Monday morning in Highland Park, Illinois.

The suspect is named as Robert “Bobby” E. Crimo, III, from the Highland Park area. Police said he is 22 years old, and is believed to be driving a 2010 silver Honda Fit, with an Illinois license plate # DM80653.

Crimo reportedly fired from a rooftop of a building along the parade route, as the parade was only minutes underway. Authorities believe he accessed the rooftop by climbing up a ladder attached to the building from an alleyway. He left a “high-powered” rifle on the roof and fled. Police are still considering the gunman armed and dangerous, and are searching for him.

Authorities have released the following photo of Crimo:

Authorities also released a photo of a vehicle similar to what Crimo is believed to be driving.

The photo matches pictures that are circulating on social media. Crimo allegedly is known to go by the stage name “Awake the Rapper” and has a YouTube channel under the same name.

Update: Since this report was originally published, the YouTube channel has been taken down.

Crimo also has a Twitter account under the name “Awake.”  On April 10, 2021, he posted the following:

At least six people were killed in the massacre. Five people were found dead at the scene, and another individual died after being taken to the hospital. Police said another 31 people are hospitalized, with their conditions ranging from serious to critical.  A child is among those who are critically injured.

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  2. Catch him and put him in the electric chair because he killed slit of people and is a criminal or just give him the injection because he doesn’t belong in this world only the devil. What was in his crazy mind to shoot at people was a son of a bitch and no bond set by the evil Democrats killing people just go to hell when they capture him

    • Put him in the chair but be gentle… turn the power up very slowly over a day or so.
      I am getting sick of this anti-society criminal behavior.

  3. He looks like an ANTIFA type leftist goon but i am sure the media will make him a disciple of Trump or a conservative.

  4. I have researched and found info that this turd is an ANTIFA member. So let’s assume he murdered a bunch if people he most likely perceived as conservatives from the right. If that is the case I will bet you the news will stay silent on this since conservative lives don’t matter.

  5. Make an example of this poor excuse of a human, have a public hanging, and leave him hanging for a day.for all to see . Sound barbaric or inhumane. Hey prosecutors are you listening. See how much crime will fall.

    • I say put him in a cage in the middle of noplace to starve to death, then be consumed by wild animals and insects. Put him on live video every day so we can see how he’s doing. All he deserves.

  6. You are correct in chiraq as the people who live there call it . As of this morning there were 74 shot and 7 dead but no blm no outrage and not a one of them were legally licensed I would bet you . But keep virtue signaling. Can’t wait till November to flush this toilet called democrats.

  7. I wish this piece of excrement’s aim was as crap as his ‘rap music’.
    Seeing the pic of him with the black mask on his face tells me all I want to know about him.

  8. Maybe this is a hate crime , a liberal goes to rich district outside Chicago and just start killing people ???? These shooter are not republican these are liberal idiots!!!

  9. Biden will never mention this incident again , no photo op on site ,no messages to the families, a short news cycle if any and not a peep from the view

  10. This was to target Patriotic Americans, so this administration will stay silent. They wont even abide by the law to protect SCOTUS. Reminds me of the Las Vegas shooting at a concert. Conservatives aren’t safe from leftist liberals.


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