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The 21-year-old man accused of opening fire at a suburban Chicago Fourth of July parade, killing seven people and injuring dozens of others, plotted another attack in Madison, Wisconsin, after the first shooting, authorities said Wednesday.

After fleeing the scene of the parade, Robert “Bobby” Crimo III “was driving around, saw a celebration in Madison,” and “contemplated another attack,” with “60 rounds on his body at that point,” authorities said at a news conference Wednesday.

The article goes on to state the following:

But he “had not done enough planning” and decided not to do it, authorities said.

Crimo was reportedly obsessed with the numbers 4 and 7, thereby choosing July 4th to commit his massacre.

Crimo made his first court appearance Wednesday morning via Zoom.

Lake County State’s Attorney Eric Rinehart announced the judge ordered Crimo held without bail, and he was appointed a public defender. He did not enter a plea.

Rinehart said Crimo confessed to the horrific massacre, going into detail about what he had done.  He reportedly used a Smith & Wesson M&P 15, which he purchased legally, to carry out the attack.

Lake County Major Crime Task Force spokesman Christopher Covelli  then announced that Crimo had driven to Madison, Wisconsin after the shooting, and considered committing another massacre there.

Covelli said Crimo was driving around Madison, saw they were also having a July 4th celebration there, and considered using the firearm he had in his car, with the 60 rounds of ammunition he had left, to open fire there as well.

However, Crimo “had not done enough planning” and decided not to do it, Covelli reported.

Rinehart called for a ban on all assault weapons.

Crimo’s mugshot was released to the public Wednesday morning.

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  1. Just great like all the other shootings all of a sudden TONS of information comes to light about the deranged AFTER the damage is done NEVER before and im sure there is more to.come oh and a LIFE sentence ?? While he gave innocent.people a DEATH sentence ????? Yeah that’s fair …….

  2. Exactly my thoughts Ruth!! How are these obviously mentally disturbed people able to get “Approved” to own guns when they clearly show previous issues with mental illness and/or instances of previous issues with law enforcement?

    • Right. And why should the gun owners who have no mental problems have to pay for his damage? That’s not fair!

  3. And if u think these types of killings will stop by banning what u call “assault weapons” ur a special kind of stupid…that wud be the same thing as thinking you cud stop drunk driving by banning Vodka…but hey…our system of gun control and firearm laws failed because people’s ignorance so hey lets fall back on our go to…”it’s the guns fault”…can’t blame the actual shooter or the failed system…this person shud have been on the no buy list from the time cops came and confiscated all his knives when he “threatened to kill everyone.” back in 2019…so before u go stomping on our 2nd amendment rights…FIX UR BROKEN SHIT!!!!


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